The 2013 Dirty Dozen list is out!


ImageYep, eating healthy is definitely not as inexpensive as eating badly. You’re more likely to find a drive-thru offering a 99 cent burger than you will one that offers a salad at the same price. That being said, we all know now that pesticide use is rampant in the agricultural market which might be great for crops but is not so great for human (and animal) health. So should you go organic to save your future health? I say yes. go as organic as you can afford to in the present and the long term. Personally, I try to buy the organic versions of foods that I know are filled with antibiotics and hormones. That means meats and eggs ( and when I used to eat dairy I included milk too). I love fruit and vegetables but I’m not made of money so I stick to those that have the most pesticides. Luckily, the 2013 Dirty Dozen list was released and you can see which foods rank from most contaminated to least on that 12 point list. 

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