Raw Energy Options Courtesy of Vega




This post is all about good natural raw energy. I usually work out at 5 in the morning so trust me when I say these recipes and products will get you going.  The original energy nugget recipe came from Brendan Brazier’s book Thrive but I have modified it to my own liking.  Those of you who are interested in learning more about being a Vegan athlete I highly recommend reading his book.  I learned a lot about how energy products cause you body to work harder at breaking down what’s in them, therefore making your recovery time longer.  Not to mention you can become dependent on them and instead of you getting physically stronger you need the energy just to workout.  Trust me I used to use those crazy products back in the day and not only was I irritable ALL the time, sometimes I would have a hard time falling and keeping asleep at night(even when I took it at 5am). Since reading his book over two years ago I have stuck to these recipes and products and have fell in love.  The best part is I have converted my husband too.  Now lets get to the good stuff… the recipe.

Energy Nuggets


6 Medjool Dates

3/4 cup almonds (soaked 10-30 mins)

2 T coconut oil (the solid kind), I use Nutivia

2 T Raw Yerba Mate (optional)

Juice of half a lemon

Lemon Zest

1 t Cinnamon


Put all of the ingredients in the food processor and process until the mixture starts to stick together.

Chef Notes

Remember soaking nuts makes them easier to digest so 30 mins is recommended but if you only have time for 10 minutes then that’s fine.  Definitely don’t soak longer than 30 minutes you don’t want them to get too soft for this recipe.  Also you can add as much or little lemon zest as you like.  Another suggestion is you can roll the nuggets in shredded unsweetened coconut if you wanted.


Use a tablespoon to scoop into even amounts and mold into small nuggets.  It should make about 9 or so. Put in the Fridge and then eat when needed.  I like to eat one before I go to a hot vinyassa class, lift weights or a cross-fit class and need some fuel in my belly. They should last 4-5 days so if you can’t eat them all you can always freeze some and take out when you need.  They only take a couple minutes to get soft enough for you to eat. 



I always add yerba mate to mine because like I said I NEED it at 5am but it’s totally optional.  You can order it on Amazon like I do or if you are lucky and have a whole foods you can buy a small amount at a time in the tea section.



Lastly if I am doing a morning cardio session and prefer to have an empty stomach I use this or sometimes I take half a scoop with my energy nugget.  Again you can find this on Amazon and must cheaper than Whole Foods.  Can you tell I love shopping on Amazon:)





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