Processed foods make you ugly and other assertions.


I’m a goal oriented kinda girl who appreciates having something to look forward to. No surprise then that I rewarded myself after months of strenuous training with an extended vacation to see my family in Florida followed by a quick jaunt to Jamaica. Ok, we’ll that’s partially true… The other half of my reward was giving myself carte Blanche to eat whatever I wanted while I was on holiday. Apparently what I wanted was all of the curry, jerk chicken, patties etc i could eat PLUS Cheezits and water crackers. Fast forward to now when I’m eyeing not one but 4 huge pimples on my face. Coincidence? I think not. Based on my past research (deviating to processed foods from a mostly clean diet), this cystic acne mostly happens after I eat rich and/or floury foods. Sure there are confounding factors at play ie weather change, new face product etc etc. Clearly further investigation is needed to confirm the link between diet and ugliness ( skin deep ugliness). I’m just not using my face as the test subject anymore.



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