One simple trick to beat the blues


Nothing is more depressing than coming back from a sunny perfect vacation to the stressors of real life + bad weather……okay, I exaggerate as we all know that there are far more depressing things out there, some of which you might be experiencing now. So wImagehat do you do when you you feel down and are sick of your whiny self? Try this trick ( I’m doing it now)

Count your blessings…, literally….like with pen and paper.

That’s right take out your pencil or pen and write down everything good in your life right now. Oh come on, there has to be at least one! For example, you woke up today, right? Someone somewhere appreciates that you did, trust me. So yes, go ahead and write even the smallest thing down. I’ll wait……..Done? Great! Now prioritize that list into the top 3-5 things that you are most grateful for. Don’t stress if you can’t choose. That just means that you have much more to be thankful for than you thought. Keep that list handy and repeat after me: “This sad/negative feeling shall pass. I release it”. It might  take you a couple times to read, re-read and re-read the list and repeat the mantra for it to stick. However time it takes, my friends. 


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