Ellie.com Subscription Service: Final Review


ImageMy final Ellie workout ensemble arrived last week. Some 3 months after I selected it. That in itself is what will make it my final one. Full disclosure: I was an Ambassador and not a regular customer so I don’t know if that affects my order time i.e if Ambassadors are last on the list after paying customers. If that’s the case then that was not a wise move but I understand. The quality and design of the clothes are pretty good. I do like the Vixen Top and Dark Matter leggings because both have a nice hand-feel and weft. The certainly don’t feel cheap which is what made the monthly subscription price of $49.95 seem like a steal. Two pieces for the price of one? yes, please! The variable that is not working here is the delivery service which is what the premise is built on. My friend ISweatPretty had a similar experienceSo I have an idea: why not offer the same service on an every-other-month basis? As an exercise teacher, I have and go through a lot of gear. I’d be willing to pay $20-25 per month to get 6 new outfits annually and that would give Ellie time to sort out the deliveries. Your ball, Ellie.com.


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