Mental Health Break: Try this trick of highly successful people


ImageIt’s Sunday evening and the M Word looms before us: MONDAY. Are you ready for it and the week that follows? And I’m not just referring to making meals  and snacks to carry you through to at least the middle of the week, although that would be wise too. I also mean, have you wrapped your head around all that you need to get done this week? Before I stress you out, deep breath,  calm down. I’m talking about visualization, people. Almost all successful athletes do it before a game and some uber successful business people too before speeches and events. Visualization not only centers you, it also allows you to envision all possible outcomes and to get comfortable with the one you want to happen. In short, it sets the intention for what you really want to happen. It’s useful for almost all situations that can cause anxiety and can reduce the dread you feel about them. So find somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and get calm through deep breathing. Then picture how you want this week and its accompanying projects to go.  Be as detailed as possible in your scenarios and the reactions you intend to have. Skim past the things that might go wrong, no need to dwell on the negative. Instead, focus on what you DO want to happen. Got it? ready set: VISUALIZE. 


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