Let Go: Anxiety Not Included.


ImageDreary rainy days, bright sunny days, tornado news, sad stories, happy doggie reunions, UGHHHH I am so emotionally topsy turvy right now that I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Life is extremely hectic for a lot of people right now with so many unemployed, so many stressed out, so many trying to make the best of their situations. How do we NOT get anxious in these tumultuous times? Well, we don’t…or, we DO….you know what I mean. I think a wee bit of anxiety is like anger: just a tiny bit needed to change things up. Anxiety can help you identify what isn’t working in your life : which door do you keep knocking on that won’t open? which wall keeps smacking you in the face? Step away from them!! Unless you’re a masochist, beating yourself up trying something that just is not working is a bummer. Stop doing it. SO what do you do instead ? Nothing. Not forever, but for now. Do nothing. Don’t try to change courses until you have allowed this moment to sink in and to given yourself the chance to simply. Let. Go….. Scary, right? especially if you’re a control freak like me.  But guess what? The world’s not going to end today ( still waiting on verification for that) and none of this will matter on your death bed. I promise it will feel good to take a deep breath all the way to your toes and let it Go…..( might take a few tries).


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