Steps 2 & 3: Release & Cleanse( improving your quality of life at home)


Where stuff goes to die

Phew, I have spent the last 3 days  on Step 2 which meant rigorously unloading old, unused and “why the heck did i keep THAT?” things from my homestead. Who needs exercise when you can just clean everything in sight for 13 hours at a time?? It really was a bittersweet process because it made me realize that I have been unwittingly holding on to stuff from my old relationship and the life BEFORE my old relationship. I still haven’t figured out why I was holding on but I think it’s a combo of laziness, fear of letting go (there were tears) with a dash of being overwhelmed with starting. After revealing the underbelly of my hoarder-lite tendencies I set about to clean everything I could. On a scale of 1-10 I’ll give my effort a 7 because I was tired but I plan to redo that bit again next week with all of the love for my place that I have.Now that it is finished I do feel that lightness of being I have been told accompanies these undertakings. I wouldn’t call it “unbearable” lightness but I do get a feeling of “ahhhh” when I enter my apartment now and that was the ultimate goal. Well, that and to sell off some of these shoes and frocks that I haven’t worn in years. Hey, a girl has got to hustle! So now tell me, are you in the midst of a similar overhaul? 

Breakfast cake (low carb)


ImageI was so inspired by PrimallyInspired’s breakfast cake that I decided to take it upon my non-baking self to try my own.  Being the ravenous fool I am, I ate the strawberries that were meant for the recipe and totally did not combine the ingredients the way the original recipe called for. The result? mine is edible but a bit dry and definitely strawberry free. Check out my photos but there will be no result photo because mine was kinda ugly. I’m still eating it though because I’m hungry and it’s high protein, low carb!

I’m blogging for the too!!


ImageLast week’s biog post for the DailyHIIT was called ” 5 diet mistakes that are wrecking your workout results” and this week’s was called “Are you really fat or just bloated?” Both posts asked readers to stop and think about either how they could change their thinking based on facts instead of the mental reel in their heads. Did either post resound with you in any way? If so, how?

Why James Gandolfini’s death scares me


People die everyday and celebrities are no exception so what is the big deal when we hear that another one has died in some unnatural and seemingly preventable way, right? I like to think that I am above the “avatar mentality“of our current culture which idolizes celebs as extensions and realizations of our fantasy lives. Personally, I am just in it for the fashion and accessories, thanks. That being said, the news that James Gandolfini died suddenly of  a heart-attack at 51 years old came as a sad shock to me too. Why do I even care? because, ever the health nut, I know a few people who look like and live like James. Let’s face it, you probably do too.

These men ( and women) are overweight, seemingly jolly and consistently practice unhealthy eating habits. In fact, they are often defiant about eating whatever they want in the face of judgement. That is all fine and good but if you love them then maybe imagining the pain of losing them to the same fate as James Gandolfini scares you too. I cannot imagine being Mrs. Gandolfini, a new Mom and wife, and getting the news that her betrothed died suddenly, away from his home country and in the presence of his son. It is a sad fate that many meet on a daily basis because of various reasons, many due to lifestyle. Now we don’t know if James suffered from congenital defects that made his heart weak or if it was solely his lifestyle choices that accelerated his death. What I do know is that I hope it  put some fear and urgency into the still beating hearts of my friends who see themselves reflected in Mr. Gandolifini.  You CAN reverse the train of your habits before it’s too late. 

High Fiber Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes: Recipe


ImageIf you know me then you know I LURVE sweet potatos. They are yummy, so portable and keep my blood sugar on par. Diabetes runs in my family so I’m all about keeping the blood sugar even. My client actually introduced me this preparation so I thought  I should pass it on to you. You will need a high speed blender ( I used my ninja)


2 medium baked sweet potatos, chopped with skin left on ( I used the microwave)

2 eggs, use only 1 yolk

1.5 TBSP almond milk 

1 tbsp coconut or olive oil for skillet

Blend it all together until creamy; lightly brown on each side.

Review: This recipe is a blank canvas for you to add whatever you like as it can be made savory or sweet. I added no sweetener IN the recipe but I kinda wanted a it of honey on top. The skin adds a nice texture but be sure not to burn the potatoes or the results will taste bitter!

Just how much pizza are your kids eating?


According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) pizza was a huge cause of sodium consumption in young people from 2003-2008. You can read about the whole study here but what stood out to me is that pizza consumption came in 2nd to soda and sports in terms of calories for preteens and teenagers. It makes me wonder exactly what today’s kids eat?? Are they just left to their own devices for meal planning or are they having pizza parties and sporting events every week? I know how easy it is to order a pizza and give them a juice but it’s important to consider that those two foods contribute HIGHLY to obesity and high blood pressure rates. Something to think about!

4 things that infuriate your friends that work in wellness


This post was prompted by an unintentionally hilarious conversation I had with a friend who is an RD. We shared a telephone rant about the actions of the people in our lives who consistently forget that we went to school specifically to learn how to help them. Here are some specifics that really get our goat.

  1. You ask about nutrition and then refer to a fad diet for results To quote my friend “There’s no pill, fad, gum or drink that will make you skinny!!! It’s not low carb, low fat. it’s JUST. DISCIPLINE.That’s it!! I say, oh ye of little faith in what we do. Would you get a book on appendectomies if yours hurt OR would you go to your friend who is a Doctor? We collectively shake our heads at you.
  2. You still smoke. Yes, it’s tough. We wish you’d never started but with all that we know the discomfort of quitting doesn’t come close to the risks of not quitting. Get on that.
  3. You still think you have your 25 year old body. Sure, you might look good from the outside but even we can’t get away with sneaking pizza, not exercising and binge drinking regularly. How long do you think YOU have?
  4. You complain  about your looks/health A LOT but do nothing ever. You burn negligible calories complaining and frankly we get enough of that from people who actually pay us. We can help but you do have to ask.

Greek inspired chicken and tzatziki plate


ImageI sit before you a satisfied woman because I literally just licked my plate  after eating tonight’s creation you see here.


1lb chicken, chopped

1.5 TSP Sea Salt

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 TBSP olive oil,

1.5 TBSP curry powder (optional )

Tzatziki Sauce

6-6 oz Greek yogurt ( I used  Fage 2% because I wanted it creamy)

3 TSP cayenne powder

3 Tsp lemon juice,

4 slices cucumbers, finely chopped

1 pinch dried thyme

1 pinch dried basil

1 pinch sea salt

Mix all garlic, salt, curry and olive oil with chicken and refrigerate to marinate for at least 30 minutes ( I left mine for a few hours).


Mix all ingredients for tzatziki sauce together and refrigerate.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees to prepare for pita; warm pita for 5 minutes

Brown chicken in saute pan on medium high heat in 1 tsp of olive oil until golden brown- about 3 minutes per side . Add 2 TBSP water  to pan and lower heat to medium. Cover and set timer for 20 minutes, turn periodically. 

Serve with chopped lettuce to get your greens in too!

HIIT IT! with Stacey


Want to rev your metabolism through the roof? Pressed for time and want to see results fast? then this High Intensity Interval circuit is for you. Complete 3 rounds for a ten minute workout or 6 rounds for 20 minutes; 1 round = 3 exercises completed in 40-50 seconds with a 20 second rest between rounds. Ready, Set, GO!
Stacey Fabulous