Juice Fuel for your fire


20130604-193437.jpgSo you run, you exercise, you climb, and do all the other fun things that tickle your fitness fancy; and that’s great but what do you eat to fuel up those activities? If you’re like most recreationally active people you probably over or underestimate the number and types of food calories you take in. Without boring you to death, let’s just say that in my work with athletes I’m often either very surprised at how little this demographic eats (especially the women) OR very surprised at how many junk calories they take in. There is, of course, the subset that falls into both categories too.
At races I can often tell who is who just by looking but I won’t give away my secrets and frankly this is not about shame. Instead, fellow athletes, I want to offer you some solutions. First ask yourself, what your go-to meals are before and after your workout. Do you have those meals planned or do you just fly by the seat of your pants? If you’re serious about fueling properly and training then it’s best to plan those meals/snacks.

Being the nutrition nerd that I am, I went digging to find some local healthy joints that would be convenient to the North Brooklyn area for my running group. First up: Smoothies and juice haven Tiny Empire on North 5th Street. Their menu is chocked full of house made awesomeness. Sure, it’s on the pricey side BUT as someone who sometimes makes these things myself, please note that the cost of buying the ingredients + plus the equipment and the manpower is far more expensive in total. In short, it’s worth it to treat yourself to more than coffee and donuts sometimes.

To Try List:


Carbohydrates, vitamin C and electrolytes are important to both fuel and protect our muscles as we exercise. Right now I’m digging the carb, electrolyte and vitamin c rich #9 Smoothie for a pre run pick me up . Protein is crucial to repairing our muscles after we cause microscopic tears in them with exercise- the hemp protein rich smoothie #12  is a good choice for post run fueling. Check out the menu to the ingredients list here.  I’m thinking a post Saturday run stop at Tiny Empire soon?



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