Improving your quality of life at home


ImageWell, it’s finally Sunday, the end of a whirlwind week that basically had me touring Manhattan away from my cozy Brooklyn homestead. It was hectic, but I am SO lucky to know some really great people with beautiful homes. One in particular was so Zen and spa-like that I had no choice but to get the much needed rest I craved. The owner of the apartment, my friend Ursula, is also quite the yogi-health-maven so I was not surprised at all by her high quality of life at home. Her apartment was so cleanly gorgeous that it was like a giant Deep Breath just walking through the door. That got me thinking about my own home and I decided that having a home that inspires deep breathing is important to me.

Then it was onto Kim’s downtown bungalow and again, I just marveled at the good homey and feminine feel of the place and not to mention the absolute lack of clutter. How do these women who always look impeccable, by the way, manage these sparklingly organized abodes?  I am a very clean person but neatness takes work for me, I must admit. Definitely NOT a natural tendency but I now really feel the need to conquer it. So starting now,  I have set about to re-train myself on how to live fabulously clutter free all while  improving the quality of life in my space. To get started, the 1st brain I picked was Ursula’s since she IS a professional organizer to the stars. She sent me this to get started. Read it to prep yourself and join me on this journey to better living!


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