3 ways to look thinner by morning


I’ve seen quite a few clients in my day that come in with complaints about their physiques. Some of these complaints are valid and require intensive work while others need just a little reframing. Here are 3 tips that can help you look and feel slimmer by tomorrow.
1. Stand up Straight as simple as it sounds, slouching is often the culprit for why your belly looks less than flat. A curve in your upper back forces your hips forward and your belly along with it. Correct yourself by pulling your shoulders back and pulling your head and spine up as if by a string. You should feel your chest protrude and your abdomen level out a fraction. It’s hard to see a belly over a protruding chest.

2. Include cruciferous veggies with dinner tonight Yes, fiber is good but it’s the mix of soluble and insoluble types that keeps your gastrointestinal system working optimally. The insoluble fiber found in broccoli, cauliflower and corn add bulk to your stool and attracts water to the elimination process. Regular consumption will keep you regular and flatten out your belly. *Caution drink water when taking in fiber to reduce flatulence!

3. Maintain 12 hours between dinner and breakfast they call it “Breakfast” for a reason! Try your best to have your last meal of today 12 hours before breakfast. Our bodies work hard to use our daily nutrients to regenerate our cells while we sleep. As a result we often lose some water and a tiny bit of muscle at that time. Just make you have a healthy protein and healthy carb rich breakfast planned and available when you rise.



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