For You & the Dad in your life: A 30 Day Healthy Eating Competition


ImageAre you the type that needs the motivation of a personal challenge to work towards? Then get your self in gear and join us on this 30 Day “Change Your Brain” healthy eating challenge. Your Dad sure could benefit from it and so could you! The Competition Categories are :

  1. Biggest Positive Change 
  2. Goal achievement
  3. Most Valuable Player ( All Around winner)

Winners will be announced on July/18 with a prize to claim!

The 7 Rules

  1. Subscribe to this Blog and the Facebook Page for helpful tips.
  2. Set and share your intention ( why you are doing this?)
  3. Complete a Full Day of Healthy Eating
  4. Post Your Proof Pictures  to the Facebook Page
  5. Each Full day of *Healthy Eating = 1 Food Workout
  6. 30 Food Workouts = A healthier, happier you.
  7. **Don’t Forget to Exercise!!


* For the purposes of this Competition, Healthy eating is defined as following a plant heavy diet, free of foods not found in nature and free of foods that contain chemicals or are processed chemically. Depending on how much you actually like the process of eating, you can choose the:

3 Meals per Day plan

5 Small Meals per Day plan

** Exercise can help to manage throughout the challenge.

Let’s ALL do this TOGETHER! Ready, Set, Go!


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