Food, Fitness and Sunshine


ImageOh what a weekend of awesome sunshine! Granted, I now have a not so awesome sunburn but it was worth it to revel in some rays on my friend’s roof-top. So here I am in bed, gazing down at my slightly bloated belly and almost regretting the indulgences of the weekend but not quite. See, I am on a 80/20 diet and have been almost all my life: 80% healthy and good 20 % whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes what strikes my fancy is STILL healthy and good and sometimes it isn’t. I’ve experimented with beating myself up about it but that just makes me crave bad stuff and feel like crap. These days I eat for how I will feel AFTERWARDS. If I will feel super guilty it’s a no go but if I work hard for a majority of the week and indulge only 1x a week then that guilt disappears.

So last week was all about heavy lifting with low reps  and only Spinning as cardio since my knee has been tricky. I noticed that I was really craving fat this weekend probably because of my workouts. This week, I’m HIIITing it hard with five 10-20 minutes of my HIIT Fusion workouts (Monday through Friday)  plus my regular teaching schedule of Spinning and Shred. Add that to the 30 Day Competition my clients are on and it’s ON BABY! What is your wellness action plan for the week.


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