High Fiber Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes: Recipe


ImageIf you know me then you know I LURVE sweet potatos. They are yummy, so portable and keep my blood sugar on par. Diabetes runs in my family so I’m all about keeping the blood sugar even. My client actually introduced me this preparation so I thought  I should pass it on to you. You will need a high speed blender ( I used my ninja)


2 medium baked sweet potatos, chopped with skin left on ( I used the microwave)

2 eggs, use only 1 yolk

1.5 TBSP almond milk 

1 tbsp coconut or olive oil for skillet

Blend it all together until creamy; lightly brown on each side.

Review: This recipe is a blank canvas for you to add whatever you like as it can be made savory or sweet. I added no sweetener IN the recipe but I kinda wanted a it of honey on top. The skin adds a nice texture but be sure not to burn the potatoes or the results will taste bitter!


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