Why James Gandolfini’s death scares me


People die everyday and celebrities are no exception so what is the big deal when we hear that another one has died in some unnatural and seemingly preventable way, right? I like to think that I am above the “avatar mentality“of our current culture which idolizes celebs as extensions and realizations of our fantasy lives. Personally, I am just in it for the fashion and accessories, thanks. That being said, the news that James Gandolfini died suddenly of  a heart-attack at 51 years old came as a sad shock to me too. Why do I even care? because, ever the health nut, I know a few people who look like and live like James. Let’s face it, you probably do too.

These men ( and women) are overweight, seemingly jolly and consistently practice unhealthy eating habits. In fact, they are often defiant about eating whatever they want in the face of judgement. That is all fine and good but if you love them then maybe imagining the pain of losing them to the same fate as James Gandolfini scares you too. I cannot imagine being Mrs. Gandolfini, a new Mom and wife, and getting the news that her betrothed died suddenly, away from his home country and in the presence of his son. It is a sad fate that many meet on a daily basis because of various reasons, many due to lifestyle. Now we don’t know if James suffered from congenital defects that made his heart weak or if it was solely his lifestyle choices that accelerated his death. What I do know is that I hope it  put some fear and urgency into the still beating hearts of my friends who see themselves reflected in Mr. Gandolifini.  You CAN reverse the train of your habits before it’s too late. 


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