Steps 2 & 3: Release & Cleanse( improving your quality of life at home)


Where stuff goes to die

Phew, I have spent the last 3 days  on Step 2 which meant rigorously unloading old, unused and “why the heck did i keep THAT?” things from my homestead. Who needs exercise when you can just clean everything in sight for 13 hours at a time?? It really was a bittersweet process because it made me realize that I have been unwittingly holding on to stuff from my old relationship and the life BEFORE my old relationship. I still haven’t figured out why I was holding on but I think it’s a combo of laziness, fear of letting go (there were tears) with a dash of being overwhelmed with starting. After revealing the underbelly of my hoarder-lite tendencies I set about to clean everything I could. On a scale of 1-10 I’ll give my effort a 7 because I was tired but I plan to redo that bit again next week with all of the love for my place that I have.Now that it is finished I do feel that lightness of being I have been told accompanies these undertakings. I wouldn’t call it “unbearable” lightness but I do get a feeling of “ahhhh” when I enter my apartment now and that was the ultimate goal. Well, that and to sell off some of these shoes and frocks that I haven’t worn in years. Hey, a girl has got to hustle! So now tell me, are you in the midst of a similar overhaul? 


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