Beholden : my slow slip from coffee’s clutches


It started in the colder months, when I struggled to drag my frozen form out of bed and into the hustle and bustle of NYC. It began as a love affair with the decaf American at Argo Teas which I found gave me such a buzz that I had to double check its contents (Lady, are you sure SURE this is decaf? I was skeptical). It had already progressed from chai tea lattes into that once weekly splurge. Then came the mocha latte’s brilliantly premixed by Trader Joe’s and then onto an occasional half-caf; NOW I got the Starbucks hype! I now “belonged” with the rest of the half-cafers.
Forget just the smell and elation that came with the 1st sip; I knew I was in trouble when I was hurrying to bed so could wake up and have more, more MORE! That’s when I realized the coffee monkey had me firmly by the Afro and this meant only one thing: it had to go. I will not be controlled!
Fast forward to today and it has been 4 hours, 30 minutes 15 seconds
without coffee = innumerable curses, 6 screaming at Molly sessions, one never ending headache and basically 96 hours of mentally flipping the bird. As i return to my tea loving roots i must confirm that Coffee is a hell of a drug.


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