Hack your life! Start with your Brain



First, let me say that I think you’re pretty awesome as-is. No need to change a thing unless you feel like it can make your life better in a lasting way.  These posts are basically  to help you be  You 3.0. Because we know that true beauty starts internally we’ll jump right in with the old, gray matter upstairs. Ready? Let’s go!


Take an omega-3 via fish or algae oil. The evidence is there that omega-3 supports brain function, may stave off Alzheimers and reduces depression. I like this brand

Meditate/Pray. More evidence shows that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety by an amount similar to medication. Regular meditation forms new grooves in your brain that counteract our tendency to resort to anxious feelings in times of uncertainty. Prayer can do the same thing. I use an app on my iPhone and keep my headphones on the nightstand so I get in 7-10 mins every night or at least in the 8am.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There comes a time in life when we have to decide between our problems and our mental health. In fact, usually after age 30 we will have to decide between a lot of things and our mental health.  let go of the little things, situations and people that cause you more pain than joy. Also, realize that life can be painful and sometimes monotonous. That’s the big secret of it: the highs of life wear off quickly which can sound like a downer but it works on the flip side too- the lows of life also wear off quickly. Stop chasing drama, perfection and excitement and choose gratitude for what you have instead.

Seek professional help. No, your loved ones don’t want you to ask them one more time if you should make a change and NO, social media is not the appropriate place to air issues. Everyone has their own problems so do your duty and deal with your issues. Many counselors accept a sliding scale of payments and having an objective viewpoint can work wonders on yours. As Naomi (Campbell, that is) said: If you complain more than 3 times to more than 3 people about the same problem, you’re not seeking solutions, you’re seeking attention ( this from a phone thrower but whatevs). So go on: Vent! To a stranger!

Eat wholesome foods from the earth.  Yes blueberries and walnuts are great for your brain but so are other fruit and vegetables. Our bodies were designed to eat what the earth provides, not what labs create. That grouchy, foggy-headed, lazy-bodied feeling you have could be related to a poor diet. Stick to a plant rich diet and you could find yourself thinking clearer than ever.

Learn a new activity. Our brains thrive on oxygen and are exercised when you   decipher new things and encounter novel situations. Feed it with a new crossword, a new class and daily physical activity of some kind.

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