5 Ways to have more fun NOW


ImageSo here you are: overloaded with information on how to do this and that  when all you want to do is just get better at this a thing called life! But what IS better? why isn’t the life you live already enough? Hey, it just might be but let’s face it. If you’re not out there (or in your house) making memories and really enjoying this ride, how MUCH are you really living?? Here are some small trade-offs you can make to live more deeply. 

You like to go out to dinner with friends:  Try hosting a dinner/potluck dinner party. Create a theme, set a date and invite a few of your best friends and a few people you would like to know over. Include a game of some sort and let the festivities ensue! 

You like to go out to dinner with your partner: Try new restaurants at least once a month. Sure, you might have to travel outside of your town but that can be fun in itself ! This will only work if both of you are willing to try something new so don’t be a stick in the mud.

You want a vacation but can’t afford it: Plan a stay-cation. Vacations allow us to disengage from stressful surroundings and circumstances but what’s the point of that if you’re still tied to the leash of technology and the people, places and things that irritate you? A stay-cation can be as simple as letting your family know that you’re “off the grid” for a few days, resolving to stay in and do nothing but lounge for the weekend or taking a day trip to a relatively close place that rejuvenates you. Which ever you choose, make sure it is the OPPOSITE of work and your normal routine or you won’t feel rested. 

You want more friends and connections: Listen to the people in your environment like co-workers, classmates and neighbors for similar interests. Invite someone that intrigues you for lunch or tea and again, be a good listener. 

You want to “have more fun” in general.  Join a group of people who are doing things you enjoy or that you want to learn to do. Like to run? why not join a running group or find a running buddy and/or train for a race together? There are tons of races all around the WORLD that are suitable for beginners through the true athlete. This is true for almost any activity you might like such as wine tasting, knitting, dancing, EVERYTHING! Meetup.com is a great resource for finding likeminded people. Tip: sign up for 1-3 and see how you like them before signing up for more.


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