Grain-Free Apple Pie Pancakes Review (from Primally Inspired)

Paleo grain-free pancakes

ImageOk, forget cool FALL air, it is COLD like Winter in the BK now. Make that, it is colder in my apartment than it is outside because my windows are poorly sealed and my landlord is loathe to turn on the heat for more than 4-5 hours at a time (9pm-2am usually). Cold weather makes the Afro want nothing but chai lattes and chewy carbs so since I’m a low-carber (diabetes occurs in my Jamaican family history) I had to think fast.  The fact is that if I want to stay lean over the Winter, I have to fight this urge to nest and stuff my face full of pancakes, oatmeal and all flour based everything. Enter this grain-free apple pie pancake option by the awesome Kelly at the blog Primally Inspired.  Kelly actually makes things that taste as good as they look! Her recipe caught my eye the very day I brought home that bagful of apples  from Warwick, NY and luckily enough I still had a few left to make this stack of goodness. 

Review: 5 Forks up! I made 5 of these and got through almost 3. They are very filling and protein rich so no need for anything else. The sauce really adds something special. 

Pros: Fragrant, nice mouth feel, very low carb and nutrient dense.

Cons: High in fat because coconut powder soaks up A LOT of liquid so I kept having to re-grease my skillet. Longer time to cook, be patient. 

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