5 Ways to Tell if You Are a Diva Instructor/Trainer

Are you a diva instructor?
Are you a diva instructor?

(Double Click!) Are you a diva instructor?

Urban Dictionary
A bitchy (person) that must have their way exactly, or no way at all. often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath them and thinks that they are so much more loved than what they really are. selfish, spoiled, and overly dramatic.
A usually glamorous and successful (fe)male performer or personality
As a fitness veteran, like many of you, I have witnessed all kinds of interesting behavior from everyone in our industry: members/clients, employers and colleagues. The former never surprises me as it isn’t uncommon for people who pay for a service and/or sign pay-checks to have entitlement issues.   But a Diva Trainer/Instructor? That one always confuses me because it defeats the purposes of being in the health services, a help based industry. Before you jump to conclusions about finger pointing, anyone reading this post should know that we have all been there with the absolutely ridiculous behavior faced from some member/clients and the gyms who have a double case of the Diva themselves. A little divatude of your own doesn’t hurt when you feel pushed around.  However, how much is too much and just when do you crossover from the glamorous successful Diva instructor worthy of flexible rules  to unprofessional, dramatic and ineffective Dva who wears on everyones nerves? Here are some tell-tale signs that you might have let our popularity go to your head.
  1. You chastise people (members, management) publicly and often: Wrong happens all day and is committed by everyone including you. Yes, in our industry, we swallow a fair amount of humble  pie and show me one person who doesn’t want to tell off the people who annoy them and I’ll show you someone who lies to themselves. If YOU are the one constantly taking people to task then you might be a diva. Divadom is every bit about the same entitlement to behavior it professes to butt heads with. So imagine if EVERYONE  gave into their inner diva at a whim. Nothing would get done! What, then, makes it okay for one person to succumb to anger when the rest have to hold it together? Nothing. A professional speaks to those who disturb them privately. A diva needs an audience.
  2. You’re routinely rude to the front-desk staff: In my opinion, this is on par with being rude to waiters, custodians or doormen and speaks of a weak ego. Everybody is just trying to earn a living and most people aren’t better than anyone else. Divas do think that, though. Check the definition.
  3. You talk about the negative inner workings of your employer with your classes and clients: Close personal relationships with people we see regularly is unavoidable. However, if ALL of your clients and classes know about internal arguments with management ( especially more than management even knows) then you might be a Diva, baby. Again, Divas need an audience.
  4. You show favoritism to clients/members and exclude the rest: In this age of brand-building, cultivating a following is at the top of the list and this Guru-wannabe gets that. Still, everyone who shows up to work with you is worthy of the money they paid and time they took. Professionals can split their attention and never involve their clients in their business. Divas NEED constant adoration and attention and will cultivate it anywhere they can find it
  5. You consider yourself above and/or beyond the fray: This one is easy for instructors to do and easiest for those of us who teach in multiple locations. We’re in, we’re out, no fussing about, done.  That’s not the issue really. The issue is not taking any ownership of the surroundings you work in. Picking up a towel? nope, beneath the diva. Putting away equipment? don’t they pay people for that? If any of these sound familiar, you could be a Diva.

Why does any of this matter and don’t we all have our moments ( I know I sure do)? It matters because this industry is where people come to release energy and want to leave feeling better. We all get into it for different reasons but working around negative energy is a “Soul Suck” for everyone around it. It might be time to take a breather, a vacation or reconsider if you no longer get pleasure from your profession. If the ONLY pleasure you get from the job is being a diva, then

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That


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