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Stuffing can poison you: Well, nobody wants to kill Aunt Hilda so I suggest following these tips for preparing your stuffing.

Your soul is lost. Give it a GPSThis nifty app is helpful to get you back on track…and facing north.

Askmen finally gets itWelcome to the tribe, Askmen.

The NYT wants us to read more: Doesn’t matter if these are gift ideas, a way to appease that friend who is always asking for book recommendations or if they help you to stay occupied, I take this list as a challenge.

Money makes you sadWait a second, didn’t they used to say it took twice as much to make us happy?!

Apple pie crepes? yes please: So yeah, I plan to replace that all-purpose flour with some combo of gluten free flours and the whole milk with yogurt or coconut milk. Sue me. Thanks Girlinthelittleredkitchen!

People REALLY like french fries: Meanwhile, I’m all ” It’s not the FRIES you’re into, fool, it’s the SALTY/FATTY/CRUNCHYCARB  trifecta!  That combo transforms any food into an agent of delicious evil. The fry is just incidental. And yeah, I know: fries don’t kill people…except when they do….

The nice way to handle negative nelliesCalling you out on your fry addiction is not negativity but if you were to meet that negative bunch I say just walk away.


The 4 Thanksgiving Food Commandments


ImageBaked, broiled, roasted, toasted, sauteed, brined, pulled, toasted, aged, savory, sweet…the food preparation is afoot…and endless! Do you have your eating plan ready? Hope so! Otherwise you could be getting upwards of 3,000 calories at that dinner table. Thou shalt avoid feeling guilty or bad at all costs. So let’s avoid all of that nonsense with some pre-ememptive damage control, shall we?

Rest:. I know it’s tempting to start the party early the day before but alcohol can interfere with your sleep. A tired brain and body = an increased craving for high fat high sugar foods. 

Quench: Thirst can mimic hunger AND lead to a wicked hangover. Start drinking water well before you start eating and in between cocktails if you’re boozing. 

Green: Eating in courses can be really helpful and starting with the salad course will ensure that you get the vegetables in and don’t gobble  up the rest out of hunger. Think of it as the foundation for the rest of your favorites. 

Be Picky: It’s a just a day so don’t get crazy, folks. You WILL see food again!! That being said, pick the dishes you very rarely get to enjoy as your indulgences and watch the portions. Personally, I think it’s best to pick 1-2 of your most favorite items and  call it a day. 





The Sunday Scoop Round-up: Best of the Web


A few interesting tidbits (edible and otherwise) from around the web.

Thanksgiving BreadIt always seems like there isn’t enough stuffing for my liking at the Thanksgiving table so I’m totally on board with this idea for a loaf of the stuff from MyheartbeetsI’m going to try it out and I’m going to omit the bacon because

Tyson Hates Pigs–  I have 2 words for this: Sign It. I also have 2 choice words for Tyson but I’m a lady.

Almond Crown PieApril P., author of the cook-book Gluten is My Bitch and the blog of the same name, is my reliable source of keeping things real about living gluten-free. She doesn’t lie about taste so I’m definitely trying this one.

Is being a drunk Mommy ever funny, really?
I’m not a Mom but it does seem like motherhood is a wine dependent endeavor in today’s culture. When does that become alcoholism? you decide.

Food Banks are farming for the needyWell, it makes sense that the Food Banks are turning to farming to grow more food for poor families.

Every Single Brussel Sprout Recipe worth makingThe folks at Food52 have gone through the trouble so we won’t have to.

A natural hair doll for everyoneIs it weird that I’m envious of these dolls’ wardrobes and hairstyles? They are so sassy! Seriously though, all kids should have access to these if only to eliminate the inevitable “can I touch your hair?” awkwardness.

Blair Warner is 50!and she made an exercise video. I’m kinda glad she’s speaking up about aging and fitness.

The Cheesy VeganI asked for non dairy cheese recipes last week and then found this cookbook of 25 different cheese versions and 125 ways to use them. Universe, I would now like a million dollars, please and thank you.

A reminder of the protein marketing mythI love when Fooducate drops some knowledge on us. This one dates back to 2010 but is still relevant. Too much of anything is still too much.

20 things we should say more often : Kid President never gets it wrong 🙂

This Week’s Nutrition MythBusting: 3 Tips to Ignore

Food for FitPros
Mythbusting: 3 Nutrition Tips to Ignore

Mythbusting: 3 Nutrition Tips to Ignore

There was a time that I thought it was enough to share what you the public should do to improve your health. Then I realized that there was so much misinformation that it was better to tell you what was complete nonsense. After gleaning the internet I found these gems that I think do more more to hurt than help.

Sub potato chips with edamame chips (Self Magazine) Can we say Sponsored Content? Yeah, eating edamame chips instead of potato chips is just trading one nonsense for another. Why not eat a more nutrient rich snack of  organic edamame instead instead of this fluff?,  you can do better.

Choosing whole grain snacks. Nope, no way, nada. No matter what that Canadian daycare says, a snack food doesn’t turn into a health food just because whole grain is added. Did they even read the rest of the ingredient list of that Ritz cracker? Choose a real food option instead.

Any advice that includes the words “diet, Doctor, rapid weight-loss supplements” in the name along with a Call to Action to buy.  It certainly didn’t take a short time to gain the extra pounds so expect it will take some time to remove it. Don’t defile your body and put yourself at risk with unknown supplements.

Low-carb rice alternatives ( Food processor needed)

Low Carb alternative recipes
Low Carb Rice Alternatives

Low Carb Brussel Sprout and Chopped Chicken

Rice. It goes with everything. Whether you like it wild and pilaf crazy, straight missionary white, or “hippie” brown (I’m babbling) it just…fits. Unless you’re trying to lose weight. Then rice becomes a starchy beacon waving in bloat and unwanted weight  because of our tendency to overeat the stuff. Not to mention people who eat white rice tend to be at a greater risk for Type 2 Diabetes.  If all of that still doesn’t scare you off the white stuff then check out my favorite alternatives that have helped me get through those cravings. *FYI, I process all to a rice like texture (aka: really fine) and serve them topped with whatever meat or sauce I typically eat rice with. My blood sugar and waistline thank me daily.

Blanched brussel sprouts

Cooked Cauliflower (Have Thyroid issues? read about goiterogens!)

Steamed or raw brocoli florets (Have Thyroid issues? read about goiterogens!)

Now I’m not saying you will get the same feeling as if you ate rice if you choose these vegetables. I’m saying that  eating these foods make ME feel better after I eat them because I eliminate the blood sugar spike, don’t feel bloated and know that I got a lot of fiber in. Try them and tell me what you think!

Recipe Remake: Chicken & Biscuits Cobbler (from Steak and mushroom cobbler from


Image‘Tis my season for cooking and baking! Winter? what, Winter? Cold, what cold? It’s warm and cozy in my kitchen and nothing boosts serotonin levels like biscuits, ya’ll! Make that biscuits, gravy and tender goodness. I saw the original recipe of flank steak, onions and mushrooms served with Michael Symon’s Elvis Biscuits on The Chew. The first thing I thought when watching the episode was ” Dang, Curtis Stone is HAWT!!”  followed immediately by, “no way can I eat anything made with buttermilk and white flour without slipping into a food coma”. Yep, my general health ethos is to only eat foods that don’t make me sleepy and y’know what? it works for me.  Cue this recipe make-over which replaced the red meat with organic chicken, the dairy in the biscuits with coconut oil  instead of lard, a little coconut milk mixed into diluted Greek yogurt (instead of buttermilk) and a lower carb gluten-free flour blend.

Full Disclosure: Being the ” Inept Chef” that I am, I accidentally wasted 2 cups of GF flour by using 4 when the recipe called for 2 and forgot the salt. Why? Please refer to my moniker: Inept Chef.  What can I say, I sometimes go to a happy place while cooking and these accidents usually happen just as I think, wow  I’m GREAT at this! Clearly I’m deluded.  So yeah, my “test” batch of biscuits were inedible but ever the optimist, that mistake gave me time to perfect the batter the 2nd time around

Results: 57 Forks up, Folks. THIS WAS SOOOOO GOOD! I know I’m biased and think most things I make are ok ( no I don’t) so I invited a friend over to taste and even he said how yummy it was. Verdict: You MUST make this especially if you have mouths to feed ( serves up to 8)

Pros: Highly flavorful comfort food. This remake is low lactose, gluten-free  and far healthier than the original (sorry Michael Symon, high five, Daphne Oz!)

Cons: Very filling so save the rest or make sure you have people to feed it to.

A Review: Laduree Crockpot Brownie Bites (Recipe from

Laduree Crock-pot Brownie Bites.
Laduree Crock-pot Brownie Bites.

Laduree Crock-pot Brownie Bites.

Are you the proud owner of a chocolate tooth? You know, the kind that makes you follow your nose when you smell a good cup of hot cocoa, makes your mouth water when you see chocolatey anything? yeaaaah I’m that kind of chocolate head. Not in the “I have to have it every day” way but in the “when I have it it MUST be great” way.  That’s how I came to be the owner of several tins of half empty cocoa powders including the beloved 2 year old Laduree goodness that became these brownie bites. That beautiful blue green box had my grubby finger marks all over it because I teased out spoonfuls very sparingly after getting it from THE Laduree store on the Champs Elysees in Paris 2 years ago. Ahhh Paris, how I love thee! But I digress. After having a serious hankering for brownies and not being able to commit to any old namby-pamby chocolate bar I figured “why not create my own deliciousness?!” My search yielded this recipe for Crock-pot Brownie Bites on one of my favorite blogs Life Made Full

Now, you never have to ask me twice to use my crock-pot, especially my mini one that gets used just because it is adorable. The original recipe serves 10 so I halved it to yield 5 brownie bites….and to use my mini crock 🙂 As usual, I LURVE that most of these ingredients were already in my pantry. If you are also living la vid lo-carba then almond flour and coconut everything should be taking up real estate in yours, fyi.

RESULTS: Rich, decadent, chewy, CHOCOLATE! You might not ever buy or eat a regular brownie again.

Pros: rich, not too sweet, moist texture, low carb.

Cons: Not sweet…enough and had a funny after-taste. This could be because I messed up on the proportions while trying to change the yield. It could also be because I didn’t adjust the cooking time for a smaller amount so there’s a chance I over cooked them.  Still, who cares about all that when you have Life Made Full’s  incredible maple glaze sauce to eat them with ?!! Holy cow, I’m saving THAT deliciousness to slather on everything I eat until it is gone. So, yes, I’ll try to make these again at the full serving size AND you should try them in the meantime.

A Review: Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Indian Bread (from myheartbeets)

Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Bread (

Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Bread (

Sometimes being a guinea pig is hard work! I mean, here I am, out in the crazy food and fitness world, risking taste-buds and personal comfort so you know what to skip and what to try. Um, yeah. It’s right up there with digging ditches and brain surgery, I think 😉 I came across this Paleo Naan recipe from the blog myheartbeets as I was cruising the interwebs for all things wellness. It came at the perfect time because it’s COLD here in NYC and I wanted something chewy. Like I’ve said in the past, I’m more mad scientist than chef so any recipe with 4 ingredients and under always grabs my attention. This one only had 3, all of which are in my pantry so I HAD to try it.  *As the Nutrition Coach for fitness and meal delivery company PhatBurn, I have been able to try their 5 a day meal plan for the last 6 weeks now ( it works!). Needless to say, this recipe was not on the plan but it didn’t break it either….at least not by much.

This recipe took maybe 20 minutes from seeing the recipe online, to gathering the ingredients, to mixing in the blender, to heating the skillet and to browning both pieces.

Results: OH.MY.NAAN!!! Seriously, this is one of the best paleo recipes I’ve EVER tried. So good that I had to throw the other one away.

Pros: Authentic taste and mouth feel: chewy, fluffy. The high protein (12 g per piece),  lower carb than regular naan (13g of carbohydrates per piece) and grain-free content makes it good for diabetic patients. This recipe is modifiable to make a tortilla or crepe.

Cons: High Calorie: I counted 600 calories for the recipe so 300 calories per piece; High fat ( almond meal+ coconut milk + coconut oil for frying= I counted around 22g per piece ). If you’e counting calories and/or you’re not that active then see below.  Just remember, fat is GOOD for you if you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet.

* Note: Ashley, the author of Myheartbeets does suggest making a thinner version crepe-style naan as an alternative. Doing it this way will mean using less batter and so will equal less calories etc per piece. Note to self!!…I’m THIS close to digging through my trash for that other piece but I think I feel my fat cells doing a happy dance in my upper thighs.

BioSil Health & Beauty Supplement Review




Hi, your friendly guinea pig here! A friend turned me on to BioSil because she was having hair loss issues and thought it was related to her thyroid. She said it helped reduce her hair loss ( eyebrows included) and helped her feel better in her joints. Since it looks like Chubakka and I have a fist fight in my bathroom every time I wash the Afro, I had to experiment to see if this was true. That was two weeks ago and I have to say: the stuff works…so far. Only a normal amount of curls came out in my wide toothed comb and only a couple of curls on the floor. I can’t say much for wrinkle reduction yet and my nails have grown a bit more, albeit raggedly ( usual for me). BioSil is said to be clinically proven to improve joint health, fine lines and reduce hair loss because of a special form of collagen and/or precursor/byproduct of collagen production. Read up on it!

Pros: Seems to be working so far!

Cons: expensive ($25-$30 per bottle), bitter/salty taste so put it in juice.