BioSil Health & Beauty Supplement Review




Hi, your friendly guinea pig here! A friend turned me on to BioSil because she was having hair loss issues and thought it was related to her thyroid. She said it helped reduce her hair loss ( eyebrows included) and helped her feel better in her joints. Since it looks like Chubakka and I have a fist fight in my bathroom every time I wash the Afro, I had to experiment to see if this was true. That was two weeks ago and I have to say: the stuff works…so far. Only a normal amount of curls came out in my wide toothed comb and only a couple of curls on the floor. I can’t say much for wrinkle reduction yet and my nails have grown a bit more, albeit raggedly ( usual for me). BioSil is said to be clinically proven to improve joint health, fine lines and reduce hair loss because of a special form of collagen and/or precursor/byproduct of collagen production. Read up on it!

Pros: Seems to be working so far!

Cons: expensive ($25-$30 per bottle), bitter/salty taste so put it in juice.

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