A Review: Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Indian Bread (from myheartbeets)

Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Bread (myheartbeets.com)

Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Bread (myheartbeets.com)

Sometimes being a guinea pig is hard work! I mean, here I am, out in the crazy food and fitness world, risking taste-buds and personal comfort so you know what to skip and what to try. Um, yeah. It’s right up there with digging ditches and brain surgery, I think 😉 I came across this Paleo Naan recipe from the blog myheartbeets as I was cruising the interwebs for all things wellness. It came at the perfect time because it’s COLD here in NYC and I wanted something chewy. Like I’ve said in the past, I’m more mad scientist than chef so any recipe with 4 ingredients and under always grabs my attention. This one only had 3, all of which are in my pantry so I HAD to try it.  *As the Nutrition Coach for fitness and meal delivery company PhatBurn, I have been able to try their 5 a day meal plan for the last 6 weeks now ( it works!). Needless to say, this recipe was not on the plan but it didn’t break it either….at least not by much.

This recipe took maybe 20 minutes from seeing the recipe online, to gathering the ingredients, to mixing in the blender, to heating the skillet and to browning both pieces.

Results: OH.MY.NAAN!!! Seriously, this is one of the best paleo recipes I’ve EVER tried. So good that I had to throw the other one away.

Pros: Authentic taste and mouth feel: chewy, fluffy. The high protein (12 g per piece),  lower carb than regular naan (13g of carbohydrates per piece) and grain-free content makes it good for diabetic patients. This recipe is modifiable to make a tortilla or crepe.

Cons: High Calorie: I counted 600 calories for the recipe so 300 calories per piece; High fat ( almond meal+ coconut milk + coconut oil for frying= I counted around 22g per piece ). If you’e counting calories and/or you’re not that active then see below.  Just remember, fat is GOOD for you if you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet.

* Note: Ashley, the author of Myheartbeets does suggest making a thinner version crepe-style naan as an alternative. Doing it this way will mean using less batter and so will equal less calories etc per piece. Note to self!!…I’m THIS close to digging through my trash for that other piece but I think I feel my fat cells doing a happy dance in my upper thighs.


8 thoughts on “A Review: Paleo 3 Ingredient Naan Indian Bread (from myheartbeets)

    • Hi Molly, I’m sorry they didn’t work for you this first time. They do take awhile to set on fairly high heat per side and the tapioca batter is by nature gummy. My suggestion is use higher heat/hotter oil, less batter and yes, cook a bit longer. I hope this helps and thanks for reading our blogs!

  1. Rohini

    This is hands down the BEST paleo naan recipe!!! It has honestly given me a glimmer of hope that there are delicious paleo “bread” recipes. I tried making it last week, and I have been bragging to everyone to try it ever since. A friend of mine was fasting for Passover and he was floored that he could eat it! I even made crepes with the recipe by adding just a bit more coconut milk as well. My husband and I loved it!! Thanks MyHeartBeets!! You’ve made our family very happy! 🙂

  2. Anna

    Thanks for the review, however I must clarify that these are definitely NOT suitable for diabetics. Regardless that they are grain free, they still have a very high starch content due to the tapioca flour. I tried these out of curiosity, ate just one, and had a blood sugar of 140 mg/dl for several hours afterward.

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