A Review: Laduree Crockpot Brownie Bites (Recipe from lifemadefull.com)

Laduree Crock-pot Brownie Bites.
Laduree Crock-pot Brownie Bites.

Laduree Crock-pot Brownie Bites.

Are you the proud owner of a chocolate tooth? You know, the kind that makes you follow your nose when you smell a good cup of hot cocoa, makes your mouth water when you see chocolatey anything? yeaaaah I’m that kind of chocolate head. Not in the “I have to have it every day” way but in the “when I have it it MUST be great” way.  That’s how I came to be the owner of several tins of half empty cocoa powders including the beloved 2 year old Laduree goodness that became these brownie bites. That beautiful blue green box had my grubby finger marks all over it because I teased out spoonfuls very sparingly after getting it from THE Laduree store on the Champs Elysees in Paris 2 years ago. Ahhh Paris, how I love thee! But I digress. After having a serious hankering for brownies and not being able to commit to any old namby-pamby chocolate bar I figured “why not create my own deliciousness?!” My search yielded this recipe for Crock-pot Brownie Bites on one of my favorite blogs Life Made Full

Now, you never have to ask me twice to use my crock-pot, especially my mini one that gets used just because it is adorable. The original recipe serves 10 so I halved it to yield 5 brownie bites….and to use my mini crock 🙂 As usual, I LURVE that most of these ingredients were already in my pantry. If you are also living la vid lo-carba then almond flour and coconut everything should be taking up real estate in yours, fyi.

RESULTS: Rich, decadent, chewy, CHOCOLATE! You might not ever buy or eat a regular brownie again.

Pros: rich, not too sweet, moist texture, low carb.

Cons: Not sweet…enough and had a funny after-taste. This could be because I messed up on the proportions while trying to change the yield. It could also be because I didn’t adjust the cooking time for a smaller amount so there’s a chance I over cooked them.  Still, who cares about all that when you have Life Made Full’s  incredible maple glaze sauce to eat them with ?!! Holy cow, I’m saving THAT deliciousness to slather on everything I eat until it is gone. So, yes, I’ll try to make these again at the full serving size AND you should try them in the meantime.


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