Recipe Remake: Chicken & Biscuits Cobbler (from Steak and mushroom cobbler from


Image‘Tis my season for cooking and baking! Winter? what, Winter? Cold, what cold? It’s warm and cozy in my kitchen and nothing boosts serotonin levels like biscuits, ya’ll! Make that biscuits, gravy and tender goodness. I saw the original recipe of flank steak, onions and mushrooms served with Michael Symon’s Elvis Biscuits on The Chew. The first thing I thought when watching the episode was ” Dang, Curtis Stone is HAWT!!”  followed immediately by, “no way can I eat anything made with buttermilk and white flour without slipping into a food coma”. Yep, my general health ethos is to only eat foods that don’t make me sleepy and y’know what? it works for me.  Cue this recipe make-over which replaced the red meat with organic chicken, the dairy in the biscuits with coconut oil  instead of lard, a little coconut milk mixed into diluted Greek yogurt (instead of buttermilk) and a lower carb gluten-free flour blend.

Full Disclosure: Being the ” Inept Chef” that I am, I accidentally wasted 2 cups of GF flour by using 4 when the recipe called for 2 and forgot the salt. Why? Please refer to my moniker: Inept Chef.  What can I say, I sometimes go to a happy place while cooking and these accidents usually happen just as I think, wow  I’m GREAT at this! Clearly I’m deluded.  So yeah, my “test” batch of biscuits were inedible but ever the optimist, that mistake gave me time to perfect the batter the 2nd time around

Results: 57 Forks up, Folks. THIS WAS SOOOOO GOOD! I know I’m biased and think most things I make are ok ( no I don’t) so I invited a friend over to taste and even he said how yummy it was. Verdict: You MUST make this especially if you have mouths to feed ( serves up to 8)

Pros: Highly flavorful comfort food. This remake is low lactose, gluten-free  and far healthier than the original (sorry Michael Symon, high five, Daphne Oz!)

Cons: Very filling so save the rest or make sure you have people to feed it to.


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