Low-carb rice alternatives ( Food processor needed)

Low Carb alternative recipes
Low Carb Rice Alternatives

Low Carb Brussel Sprout and Chopped Chicken

Rice. It goes with everything. Whether you like it wild and pilaf crazy, straight missionary white, or “hippie” brown (I’m babbling) it just…fits. Unless you’re trying to lose weight. Then rice becomes a starchy beacon waving in bloat and unwanted weight  because of our tendency to overeat the stuff. Not to mention people who eat white rice tend to be at a greater risk for Type 2 Diabetes.  If all of that still doesn’t scare you off the white stuff then check out my favorite alternatives that have helped me get through those cravings. *FYI, I process all to a rice like texture (aka: really fine) and serve them topped with whatever meat or sauce I typically eat rice with. My blood sugar and waistline thank me daily.

Blanched brussel sprouts

Cooked Cauliflower (Have Thyroid issues? read about goiterogens!)

Steamed or raw brocoli florets (Have Thyroid issues? read about goiterogens!)

Now I’m not saying you will get the same feeling as if you ate rice if you choose these vegetables. I’m saying that  eating these foods make ME feel better after I eat them because I eliminate the blood sugar spike, don’t feel bloated and know that I got a lot of fiber in. Try them and tell me what you think!

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