This Week’s Nutrition MythBusting: 3 Tips to Ignore

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Mythbusting: 3 Nutrition Tips to Ignore

Mythbusting: 3 Nutrition Tips to Ignore

There was a time that I thought it was enough to share what you the public should do to improve your health. Then I realized that there was so much misinformation that it was better to tell you what was complete nonsense. After gleaning the internet I found these gems that I think do more more to hurt than help.

Sub potato chips with edamame chips (Self Magazine) Can we say Sponsored Content? Yeah, eating edamame chips instead of potato chips is just trading one nonsense for another. Why not eat a more nutrient rich snack of  organic edamame instead instead of this fluff?,  you can do better.

Choosing whole grain snacks. Nope, no way, nada. No matter what that Canadian daycare says, a snack food doesn’t turn into a health food just because whole grain is added. Did they even read the rest of the ingredient list of that Ritz cracker? Choose a real food option instead.

Any advice that includes the words “diet, Doctor, rapid weight-loss supplements” in the name along with a Call to Action to buy.  It certainly didn’t take a short time to gain the extra pounds so expect it will take some time to remove it. Don’t defile your body and put yourself at risk with unknown supplements.


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