The Sunday Scoop Round-up: Best of the Web


A few interesting tidbits (edible and otherwise) from around the web.

Thanksgiving BreadIt always seems like there isn’t enough stuffing for my liking at the Thanksgiving table so I’m totally on board with this idea for a loaf of the stuff from MyheartbeetsI’m going to try it out and I’m going to omit the bacon because

Tyson Hates Pigs–  I have 2 words for this: Sign It. I also have 2 choice words for Tyson but I’m a lady.

Almond Crown PieApril P., author of the cook-book Gluten is My Bitch and the blog of the same name, is my reliable source of keeping things real about living gluten-free. She doesn’t lie about taste so I’m definitely trying this one.

Is being a drunk Mommy ever funny, really?
I’m not a Mom but it does seem like motherhood is a wine dependent endeavor in today’s culture. When does that become alcoholism? you decide.

Food Banks are farming for the needyWell, it makes sense that the Food Banks are turning to farming to grow more food for poor families.

Every Single Brussel Sprout Recipe worth makingThe folks at Food52 have gone through the trouble so we won’t have to.

A natural hair doll for everyoneIs it weird that I’m envious of these dolls’ wardrobes and hairstyles? They are so sassy! Seriously though, all kids should have access to these if only to eliminate the inevitable “can I touch your hair?” awkwardness.

Blair Warner is 50!and she made an exercise video. I’m kinda glad she’s speaking up about aging and fitness.

The Cheesy VeganI asked for non dairy cheese recipes last week and then found this cookbook of 25 different cheese versions and 125 ways to use them. Universe, I would now like a million dollars, please and thank you.

A reminder of the protein marketing mythI love when Fooducate drops some knowledge on us. This one dates back to 2010 but is still relevant. Too much of anything is still too much.

20 things we should say more often : Kid President never gets it wrong 🙂


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