The 4 Thanksgiving Food Commandments


ImageBaked, broiled, roasted, toasted, sauteed, brined, pulled, toasted, aged, savory, sweet…the food preparation is afoot…and endless! Do you have your eating plan ready? Hope so! Otherwise you could be getting upwards of 3,000 calories at that dinner table. Thou shalt avoid feeling guilty or bad at all costs. So let’s avoid all of that nonsense with some pre-ememptive damage control, shall we?

Rest:. I know it’s tempting to start the party early the day before but alcohol can interfere with your sleep. A tired brain and body = an increased craving for high fat high sugar foods. 

Quench: Thirst can mimic hunger AND lead to a wicked hangover. Start drinking water well before you start eating and in between cocktails if you’re boozing. 

Green: Eating in courses can be really helpful and starting with the salad course will ensure that you get the vegetables in and don’t gobble  up the rest out of hunger. Think of it as the foundation for the rest of your favorites. 

Be Picky: It’s a just a day so don’t get crazy, folks. You WILL see food again!! That being said, pick the dishes you very rarely get to enjoy as your indulgences and watch the portions. Personally, I think it’s best to pick 1-2 of your most favorite items and  call it a day. 






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