The Scoop: Best of the web


Stuffing can poison you: Well, nobody wants to kill Aunt Hilda so I suggest following these tips for preparing your stuffing.

Your soul is lost. Give it a GPSThis nifty app is helpful to get you back on track…and facing north.

Askmen finally gets itWelcome to the tribe, Askmen.

The NYT wants us to read more: Doesn’t matter if these are gift ideas, a way to appease that friend who is always asking for book recommendations or if they help you to stay occupied, I take this list as a challenge.

Money makes you sadWait a second, didn’t they used to say it took twice as much to make us happy?!

Apple pie crepes? yes please: So yeah, I plan to replace that all-purpose flour with some combo of gluten free flours and the whole milk with yogurt or coconut milk. Sue me. Thanks Girlinthelittleredkitchen!

People REALLY like french fries: Meanwhile, I’m all ” It’s not the FRIES you’re into, fool, it’s the SALTY/FATTY/CRUNCHYCARB  trifecta!  That combo transforms any food into an agent of delicious evil. The fry is just incidental. And yeah, I know: fries don’t kill people…except when they do….

The nice way to handle negative nelliesCalling you out on your fry addiction is not negativity but if you were to meet that negative bunch I say just walk away.

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