Cyber Monday Coaching Prices!


‘Tis the season for overindulgence and guilt which is all par of the holiday course, right?  Now you can stave off that guilt and get the results you want with me as your trainer! So what if you live far away? that’s what Skype is for! Picture it: you and I exercising together for 30-45 minutes before your day starts, at lunch or as it’s ending.  

$27 for 1st 55 minute Nutrition and Fitness Coaching on!

$99 for Three 30 minute Personal Training Sessions via Skype!

Here’s what some clients are saying

“I’ve been using Stacey’s nutrition and personal training services for the past 6 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I can see the difference not just in my body in terms of inches lost, but also in my endurance, strength, and eating habits. As a trainer, Stacey pushes me super hard and keeps the workouts challenging, while still being encouraging and supportive. As a nutritionist, she has given me what all busy people want – an easy to follow meal plan that gets results. Most of all, as a woman, Stacey understands the way I think and the areas of my body I want to focus on. I’m so glad I reached out to Stacey and know that I can reach my fitness and nutrition goals with her coaching and guidance.” – Nanda K, 35,  Banker

“Stacey Grant is the only person I think of when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness expertise. She is a consummate professional and truly cares for each one of her clients. Her individualized approach keeps me motivated and challenged. Whether you need to be held accountable for a continued healthy lifestyle or are a nutrition/fitness newbie .. Stacey should be your first call!- Angela C, 38, President of Cyon Inc.

Take that next step towards better results with me today!



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