How to cook & make everything taste awesome

low carb cooking
low carb cooking

low carb cooking

Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up that allow me  to feed myself deliciously while keeping it healthy.

  1. Choose wholesome and easily found ingredients: I’m no Julia Child so I stick to what won’t be too much of a headache. Sure, I’ll experiment once in a while but that’s good to keep you learning. First things first:  the ingredients are whole foods and the best I can afford. I eat less meat because I like grass fed and organic meat which requires a small bank loan sometimes.
  2. Have at least three to 4 Recipe Favorites: Pick a handful of your favorite easily prepared healthy meals  and PERFECT  them and make variations of each.  Curried chicken, baked salmon and soup are just 3 of mine that I enjoy modifying.
  3. Keep your favorite spices handy: I can’t make anything savory without sea-salt, thyme, coconut and olive oils. I also keep curry, rosemary, garlic, and onions on heavy rotation ( I smell batter than this implies and I rarely get sick). For sweet flavors it’s all about honey and coconut nectar or sugar in my house. Whatever you’re into, keep it around!
  4. Have a healthy respect for the versatility of vegetables:  Don’t throw your vegetables under the bus! Vegetables can be the main dish AND the side, my friend. In my opinion, the secret is NOT to chop them until you’re ready to eat them.
  5. Get a Good Knife: Any chef worth their apron will tell you a strong, sharp knife make life so much easier. Mine was part of a set and since I sharpen it regularly, it works perfectly fine even though it is less expensive than some.
  6. Invest in a food processor, if possible:  Trust me, it changes the game for everything in the kitchen! Suddenly nothing is impossible in terms of texture and cooking time and effort decreases exponentially.
  7. Try a NInja Blender: especially if you can’t afford a food processor. 
  8. Crock-pots are magic: You put flavors and foods you like to eat in it, you go away for awhile, you come back and a yummy meal comes out of it. What’s not to love!

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