3 Current Health Concerns for Gen Xers

Health Issues for Gen X

Health Issues for Gen X

The youngest Baby Boomer (born between 1945 and 1964) will turn 50 by the end of January 2014. Crazy, right? That means that the Β “slacker generation”, aka the Gen Xers born between 1964 and 1980-82) are all over thirty. So since time waits for no one and we are all aging, what health issues should capture Gen X attention?

ObesityΒ and its related diseases are all factors. As Gen Xers mature into the age when diseases present,

Diabetes:Β Type 2 diabetes becomes more of a serious issue for Gen Xers due to lifestyle factors and age.

Heart disease/ High cholesterol: Stress, genetics and diet have caused heart disease to rise among Gen Xers

Luckily, those born in Generation X are more physically active and diet conscious than Baby Boomers, with almost 60 % involved in team sports and 26% adhering to special healthy diets.


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