3 Current Health Concerns for Gen Xers

Health Issues for Gen X

Health Issues for Gen X

The youngest Baby Boomer (born between 1945 and 1964) will turn 50 by the end of January 2014. Crazy, right? That means that the  “slacker generation”, aka the Gen Xers born between 1964 and 1980-82) are all over thirty. So since time waits for no one and we are all aging, what health issues should capture Gen X attention?

Obesity and its related diseases are all factors. As Gen Xers mature into the age when diseases present,

Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes becomes more of a serious issue for Gen Xers due to lifestyle factors and age.

Heart disease/ High cholesterol: Stress, genetics and diet have caused heart disease to rise among Gen Xers

Luckily, those born in Generation X are more physically active and diet conscious than Baby Boomers, with almost 60 % involved in team sports and 26% adhering to special healthy diets.


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