The habits keeping you sick longer than ever

Flu virus

Flu virus

When was the last time you heard of someone suffering from polio, mumps, measles or any other outbreak of seriously infectious disease other than the ‘flu? If you were born in the Gen X or Millennial generations, then you most likely have no memory of such outbreaks and that fact could put you at risk for more disease and sometimes death. What am I blathering about? Well, it turns out that post Baby Boomers are much more reluctant and skeptical  of vaccinations than their parents. Don’t believe me? when was the last time YOU had an influenza vaccine? Personally, I’ve never had one and my big excuse is..well, I’m strong like Bull! Not a sound argument, I know.

Funnily enough, while Gen X and Y are mistrustful of vaccines, they are also more likely to be dependent on anti-microbial products and anit-biotics than generations before. Think about how many fragrances of sickly sweet Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers you’ve smelt over the years.


Or how many times you demanded the Z pak from your doctor Shirley Maclaine-style when you or your kid are down for the count (click the photo).


Overprescription of antibiotics for conditions that don’t respond to antibiotics is still a huge problem. Read more about the conditions that people mistakenly get antibiotics for here.

So what does this all mean if we don’t like vaccines but tend to overcompensate with measures that are more harmful than preventative? One take away is that the bugs are getting meaner and our over-scubbed immune systems can’t handle them. The 2nd is that we need to either get vaccinated for flu viruses more often or get to the Doctor faster to prevent serious complications. According to the CDC website, most people that die a ‘flu related death do so because of bacterial infections that set in after the initial infection or because the influenza virus makes an existing condition worse.

My friends, the only people who can diagnose you when you’re seriously ill are nurse practitioners and physicians. Be your own advocate by asking questions to make sure what you’re prescribed is appropriate for what you have.  As someone who has suffered from C-Diff due to an over-prescription of antibiotics, I can tell you that some things are worse than the ‘flu. In the meantime, strengthen your immune system by letting it fight off germs naturally.


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