5 ways to stay ON the exercise wagon


Stay focused. Stay on track.

Ruh-roh. It’s the end of January and some of you are feeling it; by “it” I mean, the aches and pains of your new exercise program plus that lazy little voice telling you to give up. Wait a minute, Sparky: you’re totally normal! I’ll bet that millions of people feel exactly the way you do right now but here’s the thing: only some of you will actually see the results you placed your hopes and efforts on in this new year. The rest? well, the rest will feel that sinking feeling again a few months from now when they realize that they’re not even close to that goal. In short, they will wish they’d never stopped. So ask yourself: who do you want to be in June? The person who quit or the person who kept at it? If it is the latter then these tips can help you stay focused.

  1. Set alarms: Alarms are great reminders for everything so set them for important points throughout your day. How about programming that favorite class  and when you should eat into your calendar?
  2. Buy flattering exercise gear: Even bargain stores have cute fitness clothes now so how about upgrading to look your best? Buy a piece at a time and go work it OUT!
  3. Lay your fitness clothes out or WEAR them: I even keep my sneakers along with my cycling shoes in a bag just in case I want to hit the gym floor between classes. Being unprepared is lame excuse if you have a goal. 
  4. Join a group to SUPPLEMENT what you do: That running group should be a fun way to motivate you and improve upon your current efforts, not replace your workouts. Otherwise, you might find that you forgo your favorite activity due to bad timing (preaching to myself here)
  5. Set a goal event: This is especially true if you’re a goal oriented person. How about running a race in a few months or planning a trip to go show off your new physique? whatever it takes to keep you focused on the present effort can make a big difference  in your training plan. 

So there ya go. If you’re hanging by a thread during this resolution take heart and reach for who you want to be a few montha from now. 


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