Double Dinner Review: Sweet Potato “lasagna” & Thai Meat Casserole

low carb, paleo friendly, dinner ideas
low carb, paleo friendly, dinner ideas

low carb, paleo friendly, dinner ideas

Just sat down after a full day of Sunday chores which included prepping some meals for tonight’s dinner and the upcoming week. Right now I have Jamaican Curried Chicken marinating and wild caught salmon defrosting in the refrigerator both to be cooked tomorrow or Tuesday. Tonight, though, was all about this new take on lasagna that had no noodles and only 4.5 ingredients: sweet potatoes, ricotta ( you can use cashew cheese), chives, brown sage butter and s & p to taste. Sure, I’m genius but this one came to me because I had it at a local WholeFoods and thought “mmmmm!!! holy CRAP that’s good”. After googling WholeFoods sweet potato lasagna, I found this recipe.  Full disclosure: The WholeFoods version had more ingredients including lasagna noodles and what tasted like pecorino cheese . Between you, me and the lamp post: I didn’t need either and found myself scooping the sweet potato and ricotta into my face at warp speed. That is why I was so happy when I found a recipe that took  the best parts and made them into one dish.

Pros: Yummy, mild lasagna flavor with that sage brown butter goodness, all without the extra carbs and calories.

Cons: I only got one layer which is fine since I cook for one but next time I’d like a double layer like the picture showed.

Rating: 5 Forks UP; 3-4 servings per recipe

The oven was already hot and I had been thinking HARD about this Thai Ground Beef Casserole from myheartbeets and so it was on! After you click on the recipe, notice the actual title. See that it says spaghetti and that it calls for beef? Yeah, I changed that. One on purpose ( switched to lean ground turkey breast) and one because it was snowy and my glasses were fogged up so I picked up a butternut squash instead. I didn’t name myself the “Inept Chef” for no reason!

Pros: Amazing flavor. Umami ain’t lying, FabFans! Satisfying and has 3-4 servings at least

Cons: My version turned out a bit dry even with the coconut oil I liberally included so note to self: follow the recipe and at least include the squash if you’re sticking to poultry. This con was totally my fault.

Rating: 5 forks up!!


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