Cauliflower Mac n Cheese (


How does the cold weather affect you? for me, cold and cozy makes me HONGRAY. Weeelllll, that and the fact that I teach a ton of cycling and have been doing some HIIT throughout the week. Cue warm, gooey mac and cheese memories. I even walked up to one of the most famous and popular M & C spots in my neighborhood but couldn’t pull the trigger knowing that it’s loaded with dairy and virtually useless calories. The only food I like to eat mindlessly is popcorn so everything else has to give me a little more than comfort in return. I chose this Vegetarian Times recipe because I had everything it needed in my pantry. The only change I made was subbing ricotta cheese for the milk it called for and adding avocado. The verdict?

Pros: High fiber and vegetable nutrient content from cauliflower; lower fat per serving than regular mac n cheese. Can be as vegetarian as you want it to be.

Con: Cauliflower has a high water content which made it watery despite draining. Although using ricotta gave me less tummy trouble from my lactose intolerance, it didn’t have the bite of sharper cheese even with the dash of lemon juice I added to it.

Rating: 3 Forks up. * There are better ways to improve the nutrient profile of mac n cheese and I don’t think using all cauliflower is the answer. As much as I like cauliflower mashes, I think mac and cheese is about the healthy fat and chewy carb combo. Next time I will use healthy noodles and add cooked, drained vegetables later in the baking process.


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