Brand Review: TribeSports


ImageYou know when you randomly follow people on Instagram because you dig their photos and attitude ( just admit you do it!)? well, that’s how I came across TribeSports initially. This UK performance apparel brand started a KickStarter campaign to create functional fitness wear that is community sponsored. Something about a grassroots movement always impresses my entrepreneurial spirit so I happily said yes when they asked me to join their #RunWithMe campaign. To get me started, they sent me the lovely Performance Tech Tee & 2 in 1 shorts that you see in the photo. Unfortunately Mother Nature’s weather tantrums  don’t want me in shorts, so this review is mostly about the top ( I will add the shorts info later).

The charcoal grey and yellow color scheme are really flattering and not too “girly” which I really liked and the reflective racing stripe down the back of the top is just plain bad ass 🙂  Not one to be outdone by rainy, cold Spring weather, I used the top as the bottom layer under my hoodie and headed out for a run over the Williamsburg Bridge

Results: I cannot say enough about how soft, light and COMFORTABLE this tee is!! It was like I was wearing nothing, albeit  a cushy, cozy nothing. The fit is snug but flatteringly so and the hemline hit just above hip level which I’m a fan of. More importantly,  the armpits didn’t pull against my muscly upper body and let’s face it: all girls like that. My 3.5 mile run did work up a little sweat although there was little evidence of that with the wicking power of this sexy but functional top. So much so that I ended up wearing it under the rest of my gear ALL DAY. So yeah, I’d say Tribesports has a winner here: it is definitely a “must buy” and I cannot WAIT to try out these shorts!


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