Why you should care about estrogenic foods and products


You’ve heard the term estrogen and estrogenic but do you know what they mean for you? Estrogen is the female hormone that stimulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and mental well being. It is well regulated in our bodies through various fine tuned processes. Any disruption in these processes can cause an imbalance of the hormone leading to fibroids, cystic breasts PMDD, and PCOS. In short, you don’t need any extra estrogen in your body and too little (aside from menopause) can mess you up equally.
So how does this relate to food and products?well certain foods can act like estrogen when consumed! These include plant based phytoestrogens such as soy, garbanzo beans, beer hops, coffee (even de caffeinated), garlic, pistachio and chestnuts, dried dates and apricots.
Certain plastic based products and additives used in cosmetics can elevate your estrogen levels. Parabens in all forms are an example of a widely used cosmetic additive that affects estrogen levels. My advice: use paraben free products and use glass bottles.
Too much estrogen in men affects their sex drive and causes weight gain just like it does for women. Eventually, too much estrogen is cancer promoting. Be aware of what you put in and next to your body.



Fibroids: nature vs. nurture


Do you have uterine fibroids ? Ever wondered what caused them to grow there in the first place and how you can manage them? Personally I have because I too have them and just returned from my 3 rd surgery in 7 years to remove them ( 2 myomectomies and 1 hysterscopy). First and foremost there are genetic factors which we cannot control. In my case, my paternal aunts, maternal grandmother and mother had hysterectomies due fibroids tumors.  According to the Uterine Fibroid Foundation,   Black women are 2-3 times more likely to develop these growths more white or Asian women. The UFF  list the risk factors for developing fibroids as the consumption of red meat and obesity which I think is true. However, I think that stress and other dietary changes are also risk factors to eliminate. I obviously don’t have all the answers since I’m basically a fibroid making machine. What advice have you gotten ( if any) about managing fibroid growth? Here is the advice and info I’ve heard over the years.

“Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” ( Dr. Christine Northrup): Fibroids are the result of suppressed/unchanneled creativity and dead-end relationships. Clear our heads and lives and our bodies will respond in kind. Interesting take and I do believe that aimless and unfulfilling activities can work as a stopper to life’s natural flow.

My doctors, nurses practitioners: Fibroids grow as a result of excessive estrogen. Too much estrogen in the system can result from remaining childless. My recent doctor, the well published Dr. Stephen Goldstein stated  women weren’t meant to have so many periods without ever getting pregnant. Our uteruses are more likely to develop growths when we remain childless.

Nutrition info: It is a fact that some foods have estrogenic effects on our bodies, meaning they mimic the effects of estrogen. When you’re already making too much estrogen, that ain’t good. See below for a list of estrogenic foods. Some also say that excessive sugar fuels the growth of benign tumors like fibroids and cancerous tumors as well. Last but not least,  a recent study posted on Science Direct reveals the connection between increased alcohol consumption and fibroid growth

Estrogenic foods and herbs:

Phytoestrogens such as soy and soy products, fennel, chamomile, cinnamon, pomegranate


highly processed foods