Pregnancy: Invasion of the bodysnatcher(s)?


Okay, I know that’s not a fair title for the miracle that is life but I have never been pregnant so I don’t know any better. What I do know is that the changes that your body goes through as a pregnant woman sound mind boggling. Swollen lady bits, cobwebs of veins, gaseous emissions that rival an 18-wheeler and…ok, I’ll just stop there since I do plan on doing it one day and don’t want to scare myself even more. So, like I said, the changes are major which is all on-top of you getting bigger than you’ve probably ever been. So what’s that like, ladies? how do you mentally give yourself over to this process? I only ask because the topic was raised in in one of my classes : some women have  a really hard time letting go of trying to control their weight even when pregnant. It’s the elephant in the nursery, so to speak, that some women still continue to diet while others completely lose control of their appetites during pregnancy. The result s of both behaviors can have detrimental effects on the underweight (5 lbs and under)  or overweight ( 9 pounds and over) babies they have and on the mothers themselves. Most say that the best way to ensure that you gain the appropriate amount of weight while pregnant is to be active and healthy beforehand and then throughout your pregnancy. Eating for 2 doesn’t really start until the 2nd trimester and even then we’re only talking about an increase of 180 calories per day, people. Of course this doubles by the 3rd trimester but still, that’s 1 extra meal per day not whatever fatty thing our hearts desire. But what about women with disordered eating and borderline anorexic patterns? the ones who workout religiously, skip meals and are very worried about losing their figures? It’s a delicate question but I know that there are many women like this because they sometimes come to nutritionists for help. Personally, as much as I’d like to think that I’m above it all and would just give in to the process, I’m guessing that I will freak out a bit when my abs stop responding to my core workouts and I can’t suck in my gut anymore. So I honestly want to understand:  What was (is ) it like for you to lose control of your body as a pregnant woman?