Un-Pasta Bolognese

Low Crab option to your favorite pasta!

Image¬†Did you know that substituting grated/shredded carrots for bread crumbs and adding tomato paste in meat makes it perfect¬†for a meatballs AND Bolognese? Yeah, me either until now! This recipe was born because my local market sells these awesome giant meatballs that I enjoyed until I found out they had rice and breadcrumbs in them. That and each if them costs about $2 a piece and who needs that when I can make them?? So I roasted some spaghetti squash and cooked this up fully intending to make¬†my own Giant Bawls.¬†Sheer laziness turned this into the¬†Un-Pasta Bolognese you see here. Hey, at least I’m honest!

*Heat oven to 400 degrees, cut spaghetti squash in halves or quarter and sprinkle with salt, olive oil and maybe a tsp of vinegar (optional); roast in ben for up to 25 mins.

1Tbsp oil ( I used Olive)

1 Tbsp onion, chopped

1 lb lean ground turkey

1 4-6 p can of tomato paste

1 tsp garlic, minced or grated

1/2 grated carrot

sea salt & cayenne pepper to taste.

Heat oil in heavy skillet then add onion and saut√© until onion is translucent. Season meat ¬†and cook on medium to high heat until brown. Add the garlic and cook for another 3-5 mins, add carrots then cook another 3-5 minutes. Make sure meat is fully cooked and then add tomato paste and mix thoroughly. The paste will soak up all the liquid from the skillet so turn down heat to low so it doesn’t ¬†burn.

* To make meat balls, add all ingredients together while meat is uncooked and cook from there.  When squash is finished roasting, scoop flesh out into a bowl and top with a hearty scoop of the meat mixture. Enjoy!


Bikini Ready Tips from 7 of NY’s hottest female FitPros

Jen Romanelli, Delida Torres, Lindsay Centonze, Amber Hirsch, Dorian Cervantes, Amira Lamb, Mary Onyango

Jen Romanelli, Delida Torres, Lindsay Centonze, Amber Hirsch, Dorian Cervantes, Amira Lamb, Mary Onyango

What time is it? Spring time! That time when in between being addled with ¬†allergies and taking Spring Break with the kids, you’re either (a) panicking because you fell of the resolution wagon (b) frustrated because you’ve plateaued or (c) have been consistent and happy withy your results¬†but know you can¬†do better.

Stacey Grant, MS Certified PT

It’s Me!

Just for you, I turned to¬†Gotham City Elites¬†¬†to find¬†some of the NY area’s (Jersey’s repped too!) most dedicated & experienced female FitPros to learn their top Bikini Body secrets.¬†As with most subjects, I have plenty to say & ¬†I recently posted my own 3 tips in this post¬†. ¬†Check out what my fellow FitPros are saying about getting Bikini Ready in a jiffy.

Lindsay  Farrington Centoze,  Maddogg Certified Cycle Instructor & NPC Competitor and Cross Country Coach.

I met¬†Lindsay Farrington-Centonze n Fall of 2013 when we both worked with another company. ¬†Not only is she gorgeous but she’s a sweetheart, smart¬†( she went to NYU too!) ¬†and pretty well accomplished in fitness at her young age. Lindsay has competed in and won 3 National Physique Committee (NPC) ¬†bikini competitions already! Not only that, she is a beloved cycling and group fitness instructor in upstate NY too. In short, she rocks! Listen when she says:

  1. Try switching up your cardio to more high intense intervals. I typically do little to no cardio or some steady-state at the least (long runs, etc). If I’m getting bikini ready I’ll add 1-2 extra cardio sessions to my fitness routine.
  2. Start to focus on quality over quantity when lifting. When getting bikini ready I increase my weight and make a point to focus on form. While my weight increases I do less repetitions but make sure each one has perfect form.¬†Stacey’s Safety Tip:¬†Unsure of proper form? Ask someone! ¬†A good place to start is t figure out which muscle group you should be focusing on and recruiting those muscles to do the job. As always, be careful with your lower back, knees and shoulders.
  3. Simply spend MORE time being active!!! Make a point to park your car in a further spot than usual, take stairs when you can, walk to the gym/grocery store/etc (basically anywhere within walking distance that you typically drive to). Walk more, drive less.

Mayy Onyango,  Certified  Zumba Instructor,  AFAA & Schwinn Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Mary Onyango and I go way back and I admire her deeply. If you know or work with her then you will know what I am talking about. She is thoughtful, compassionate and that physique speaks for itself! Here is what it is saying :

  1. A better bikini body starts with a good diet. If you can eat well at least 70% of the time i.e; lots of water, vegetables, lean meats, protein and healthy carbs (sorry guys this means limit the alcohol too), then you will be halfway to a flatter midsection (what everyone sees FIRST when you’re in a bikini!!)
  2. Incorporate different variations of planks into every routine. Some include modified (on the knees), single leg and single arm, pulses and even push ups. Push ups, my second favorite exercise, really target the triceps/biceps, chest, back (upper/lower), and surprise! even your thighs.¬†Stacey’s Safety Tip:¬†Watch that your lower body doesn’t sag and stays parallel ¬†to the floor even if you’re on your knees.
  3. I love lunges. Try Around the World lunges, an¬†exercise that combines front lunges, side lunges, and reverse lunges one after another for a set of 10-20 reps all done on the right leg and then repeat on the other. Lunges are great because they build the muscles without building size. They also lift and tighten the derriere for lasting results. Stacey’s¬†Safety Tip:¬†Watch that your knee doesn’t go past your toes when you lunge and that you keep your heels on the ground.

Jennifer Romanelli, RN NASM Certified PT & AFAA Certified Group Ex Instructr

I finally met Jen Romanelli, a.k.a. Trooper JRo at a Trooper¬†boot camp where she showed us her¬†high intensity ¬†prowess. Until then, I had only heard about her through her colleagues, students and partner in crime but let me tell you that it was all true: Registered Nurse+ badass boot camp instructor = yowza, my musclllleeeees!! ( at least she’s qualified to revive you after making your body cry uncle). With those qualifications and a body like THAT, listen when she says:

  1. Pull-ups: single most effective body weight exercise. Great for upper body and strong core! Practice with bands.¬†Stacey’s Training tip: Use the assisted machine or ask someone to help you if you’re inexperienced.¬†¬†“Diversity: we all hear about the dreaded plateau but make an effort to switch things up. Your body is a powerful machine and adjusts to whatever challenges you bring it so keep your body guessing”
  2. Squats with the bar bell: gets those legs firing from top to bottom with bar bell squats. This move helps to build a lean physique by engaging almost every muscle in the body.¬†¬†“Do more squats! Drop it like its hot to drop those lbs; ¬†practice with body weight or using the barbell for back/front squats.”¬†Stacey’s Safety Tip: Perfect the squat with your bodyweight before adding external weight and then upgrade to a body bar, then bar bell.¬†
  3. Kettlebell swings¬†are one of my favorite exercise to do with clients as they are the greatest total body killer. With proper technique you burn out your core, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, glutes and back! That’s a lot of bang for your buck!¬†Pick things up and put things down. “Tip: Ramp up your lifting game. Why aren’t women seeing the results they want? They are missing the key component in every athlete’s training program and that is strength conditioning and power”.¬†Stacey’s Training Tip: AGREED. Lift heavier, FabFans!”

Amira Lamb, IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete NASM CPT & Certified Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coach (CHEK Institute) AFAA Certified Group Exercise

Amira Lamb aka the Holistic Hottie is an impressive human being and professional. I like to call her the Tiny Dynamo because she is who helped me mold my body for my first (and only) bikini body building competition in April 2013. She has so many bikini body strategies in her arsenal that we should call her Michelangela. Along with every woman on this list, I trust her implicitly when she says:

  1. ¬†Single Leg Dead Lifts combined with a bicep curl after returning to standing position. – You have to keep the core pulled in and up while working the entire backside of the body. Adding the bicep curls at the end will help to increase muscle mass in the arms which will help them seem more ‚Äútoned‚ÄĚ in appearance.
  2. Plyometrics are fantastic for burning a high amount of calories within a short time. Star Jumps can ramp up your metabolism while working every muscle in the lower body. This is a great exercise to mix into a series of lower impact exercises to maintain an elevated heart rate throughout a workout without doing traditional cardio on a machine.
  3. A basic push up is great. It works the entire body – primarily upper and including the abdominals when you exhale forcefully. As a variation try a Star Jack Push Ups –begin with your feet wide then jump the feet together and then apart. Next, bend only the elbows and then press away from the floor. Continue the Jack to Push Up sequence for as many reps as you can do flawlessly

Amber Hirsch, Barre Certified Group Ex Instructor, Maddog Cycle Instructor

Amber Hirsch is also petite in stature but big in energy and presence. Like with Mary, I cannot believe a child came out of her flat belly but after taking her Barre class at LocalBarre in Hoboken, NJ ( & seeing those quads in action), I will listen when she says,

  1. Don’t Wait Until the last minute! We always have some warning when the summer is coming or when we are planning a vacation. If you have a specific goal, make plans to make sure that you will achieve it! Give yourself time to build a consistent routine which will ideally keep you fit and lean all year.
  2. But if you don’t have a lot of time, hit the barre not the bar! Barre classes are a great way to lengthen and define your muscles and will most importantly target the core. You will walk out of just one class feeling stronger, longer, with improved posture and ready to rock that bikini!
  3. Push it baby! Push Ups are really a woman’s secret weapon to killer arms, tight abs and generally staying lean. You need to recruit almost all the muscles of you body to do them and they get you results. Start where you are comfortable but challenge yourself and upgrade to harder versions as you progress.

Dorian Cervantes,  Dancer & ACE Certified Group Ex Instructor, CPT

Dorian Cervantes¬†is first a dancer…can’t you tell? As with Jen, I knew OF her via the people in her life but the more I explored, the more I realized that she certainly knows what she’s doing in fitness.

  1. Plank with gliders- I am all about the plank all day everyday. You can do it anywhere and it requires no equipment. I love to add the use of Gliders on my feet to get an intense ab workout. I begin in plank position on my elbows and slide my foot in a half circle up towards my shoulder.
  2. One legged dead-lift¬†is another great exercise that doesn’t need equipment but adding weight can really take this exercise to the next level. I usually use a 10lb kettlebell or dumbell.
  3. Push-ups-love to alternate between a wide push press and a narrow. I do 20 push ups. The first position is wide, arms placed on the outside of shoulders and legs on the outside of hips I do 2 push ups chest all the way to the ground and back up to high plank position.
Master trainer for Jumpsport, certified group x and personal trainer.NYSC only

Master trainer for Jumpsport, certified group x and personal trainer.NYSC only

Delida Torres has been in the Rebounding game for  some time now. She recently completed her first bikini fitness competition and had this advice to share.

  1. Planks any kind with rotation especially side planks keeps the abs nice and tight.
  2. Torso¬†Hyper-extension with weights to create the curve in lower back and eliminate love handles & muffin top.¬†Stacey’s Safety Tip:¬†Do these carefully without weights as this is an advanced move.
  3. Booty¬†hip extension + leg abduction combo gives you a nice round high butt.¬†Stacey’s Training tip: you can do these with bands, cables or ankle weights!
Mika Oakes, Licensed Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & LMT

Mika Oakes, Licensed Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & LMT

Mika Oakes  is a beloved yoga instructor with what is by far the sparsest list with just these 3 Yogic points: ( So, so ZEN!)

  1. Listen to your body.
  2. Push yourself to the edge, not beyond.
  3. Slow and steady wins the race


Do these 3 things to look tighter by May

Stay lean with StaceytheFabulous

Stay lean with StaceytheFabulous

They say Winter is ending. Not sure if I believe ’em but for positivity’s sake ¬†let’s just say it is. That means your extremities will be making their big reveal in the next few weeks (yes, warm states, we know you’ve been sunbathing for ages)! For many of us, ¬†Winter means heavier, more satisfying foods and hiding out at home more. In short, Winter can mean bigger backsides from less physical activity unless you take up Winter sports and train for something. Yada, yada, yada: what do we do about it and quickly? First, stop whining, we got ourselves here and 2nd:

Reduce/limit starchy foods. The grainy goodness that you pile your comfort foods on be they whole or refined (refined = ¬†mass processed goods. No bueno) are giving you a belly. I know, I know, whole grains and beans ARE good for you but that big pot/or many sandwiches you feed on all day likely means you’re getting more than your share of starches. Replace some daily starchy meals with non-starchy vegetables and lean protein. You will not only look leaner but feel healthier with a balanced blood sugar level too. The¬†American Diabetes Association¬†has a handy list which I have excerpted at the end of this post.

Lift (heavier) weights.  Ladies, just how long do you intend to use those 5 lb dumb-bells?? Hello, your body has already adapted and is bored (also see below). Bored = no changes. As you age, lean muscle becomes your goldmine for looking fit and sleek. Build yours by adding 1-2 (then eventually 2-3)days of lifting moderately heavy weights ( moderately heavy means the 2nd of 3 sets of exercises is a challenge). Been using 5s? try 7s and 8s? been using 7s and 8s? try 10s and 12s and so on. The compliments you get will tell you how much your metabolism appreciates the boost.

Change up your routine.¬†Kudos for exercising in the first place, by the way, it’s not easy for everyone. Still, your tried and true routine probably needs some tweaking if you have been doing it for awhile. First, change up your workout schedule then add more and less intense workouts throughout. If you’re over 30, you might have realized 2 days per week doesn’t really do as much as it used to and I’ve long since realized that this body needs a minimum of 4 to make and maintain changes. Personally, I find that a good barre class in between all the cycling and lifting I do really helps to lean me out AND as mentioned above, playing with my weight and intensity load does the trick. Find what you like it: forms of dance, zumba, swimming etc and add it to your regular routine.

Combine all 3 of these elements together now and you have a winning formula for looking Fabulously Healthy¬†by Memorial Day, if not earlier. Get cracking and see you at the beach ūüôā¬†

The following is a list of common non-starchy vegetables (ref. http://www.diabetes.org)

Amaranth or Chinese spinach


Artichoke hearts


Baby corn

Bamboo shoots

Beans (green, wax, Italian)

Bean sprouts


Brussels sprouts


Cabbage (green, bok choy, Chinese)





Coleslaw (packaged, no dressing)




Greens (collard, kale, mustard, turnip)

Hearts of palm







Pea pods




Salad greens (chicory, endive, escarole, lettuce, romaine, spinach, arugula, radicchio, watercress)


Squash (cushaw, summer, crookneck, spaghetti, zucchini)

Sugar snap peas

Swiss chard



Water chestnuts

Yard-long beans –


3 Truths The Biggest Loser Hasn’t Told You

Biggest Loser Needs More?
Biggest Loser Needs More?

Biggest Loser Needs More?

In my line of work, you hear and see it all when it comes to weight loss and weight management. Inevitably someone will ask ” so what do you think of that show The Biggest Loser?” and I will say, “meh, it’s an extreme show about extreme weight loss for people who are extremely overweight, to each their own”. This week, however, the big question heard all over social media was ¬†” wow, did you SEE how skinny she got?”The person in question being Rachel Frederickson, the winner of this season’s $250K prize.

Yes, I noticed her dramatic change as well, you’d have to be blind to not see that the pendulum has swung the other way for her weight. So much so that she has crossed categories into underweight for¬†her height. Still, that is as far as I want to take any criticism or opinion of her journey to self-love. Not because I’m above judging someone, but because I don’t think she is the problem: The questions left answered by the show’s producer’s are the problem.

The Biggest Loser is modeled after the “extreme” brand of tv shows that take something/someone that needs an immense amount of work and completely revamp it/that person into something/someone new. Extreme Home renovation, Extreme Makeovers etc etc. But at least with home renovations you see much of the behind the scenes and what it takes to overhaul a space even when it has been reduced to a sound bite. With BL you do see some serious sweating but not much is said for the real grit and dirt of changing your body under extreme pressure and a tight time frame. The general, interested public would benefit from knowing how unrealistic and potentially harmful this particular brand of weight loss can be. So did you know that:

  1. Contestants are exercising for about 4 hours per day? Here is a link to average calories burned during 1 hour of exercise based on different weight categories. Multiply that by 4 hours and many contestants are likely burning at least 3,500 calories per day which is the number of calories in one pound of fat.
  2. Contestants are on a crash diet of 1000-1200 calories per day? Everybody needs a minimum of essential calories to maintain organ and  physical function. 1,000-1,200 calories is barely cutting it. Add that to the calorie deficit created by all the exercise and voila, you are losing large amounts of muscle along with fat and have landed in a space that needs to be medically regulated.
  3. Exercising and crash dieting all day can mess with your head?¬†The psychological impact of physically working hard added to¬†PAST¬†self esteem issues (obese people usually have eating disorders too) + ¬† being hungry and TIRED all the time = ? Have you ever fasted? yeah, it’s not easy or pretty. What ¬†do you get when a a hungry, tired person with a history of binge eating starts to get rewarded for losing weight at an unhealthy pace? Enter Rachel Frederickson.

Some might argue that the¬†Biggest Loser is no more dangerous than bariactric surgery which is far more invasive. After all, when someone is morbidly obese shouldn’t¬† they do whatever it takes to lose weight?¬†The trouble with that here is that risks are made clear to patients before surgery and many are often encouraged to lose weight in more traditional ways first. Then there is the fact that this is a national television show with far reaching appeal. Who exactly is watching this program and taking it as the whole truth? I recommend that the Biggest Loser use its platform for more than ratings and aim to educate the viewers at home as well.

5 Signs of Disordered Eating/Eating Disorder

5 Signs You May Have An eating Disorder
eating disorder

Eating disorder, diet, weight-loss











First, let me say that the subject of eating disorders is a serious and complex one that cannot be reduced into a handy list. With that being said, the following is only a fraction of the behaviors a person can exhibit that could be red flags for having food issues. Having any of them should set off bells but having more than half of them might be a bigger deal than you realize. If you want the full rundown on ED then click here for more info.

  1. You’re ALWAYS dieting and justifying your disordered eating patterns:¬†If you’re constantly claiming allegiance to limited ways of eating ( i.e. one meal a day? check? overeating one day and under-eating on another? check? juicing? check!). A normal eating pattern is one that includes enough calories to support your organ function and energy needs. If you routinely fall below or exceed these requirements by a large margin and for no other reason than you’re always starving or pretending not to be ..look into that.
  2. You regularly booze your calories:¬†Going out for drinks does not a meal make. Find out what’s really at the root of the need to dull the edges of life with alcohol but deny yourself food. You deserve food too.
  3. You mostly hide food/don’t eat in public/push food around on your plate:¬†These are grouped together because they are part of the same idea. Shame in eating, a need to exert control over your appetite, denial of what you’re really feeling (hunger, hurt?)
  4. You choose constantly choose a restrictive lifestyle: Do you consistently choose activities that require a completely ascetic lifestyle? Be careful and ask yourself the real reason why you need such control over all aspects of your life.
  5. You order much larger meals when you’re alone/ don’t eat unless in public:¬† Like the above, these might indicate food control issues: (1) that you lose control and binge when alone ¬†and (2) you want to prove to the public that you do eat even though you don’t really.

Eating disorders are serious business and equally troubling is that wide gray category that many men and women fall into. Eating or not eating out of emotional distress is a vulnerable place to be. Do a heart and head check to make sure you’re nourishing yourself properly.

How to cook & make everything taste awesome

low carb cooking
low carb cooking

low carb cooking

Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up that allow me ¬†to feed myself deliciously while keeping it healthy.

  1. Choose wholesome and easily found ingredients: I’m no Julia Child so I stick to what won’t be too much of a headache. Sure, I’ll experiment once in a while but that’s good to keep you learning. First things first: ¬†the ingredients are whole foods and the best I can afford. I eat less meat because I like grass fed and organic meat which requires a small bank loan sometimes.
  2. Have at least three to 4 Recipe Favorites: Pick a handful of your favorite easily prepared healthy meals  and PERFECT  them and make variations of each.  Curried chicken, baked salmon and soup are just 3 of mine that I enjoy modifying.
  3. Keep your favorite spices handy: I can’t make anything savory without sea-salt, thyme, coconut and olive oils. I also keep curry, rosemary, garlic, and onions on heavy rotation ( I smell batter than this implies and I rarely get sick). For sweet flavors it’s all about honey and coconut nectar or sugar in my house. Whatever you’re into, keep it around!
  4. Have a healthy respect for the versatility of vegetables:¬†¬†Don’t throw your vegetables under the bus! Vegetables can be the main dish AND the side, my friend. In my opinion, the secret is NOT to chop them until you’re ready to eat them.
  5. Get a Good Knife: Any chef worth their apron will tell you a strong, sharp knife make life so much easier. Mine was part of a set and since I sharpen it regularly, it works perfectly fine even though it is less expensive than some.
  6. Invest in a food processor, if possible:  Trust me, it changes the game for everything in the kitchen! Suddenly nothing is impossible in terms of texture and cooking time and effort decreases exponentially.
  7. Try a NInja Blender: especially if you can’t afford a food processor.¬†
  8. Crock-pots are magic: You put flavors and foods you like to eat in it, you go away for awhile, you come back and a yummy meal comes out of it. What’s not to love!

6 ways I get to eat what I want…..


ImageIn case you didn’t know, fit folks are often just as weak as unfit folks. The big difference is that, although we lapse, we don’t really¬†relapse,¬†as in stay lapsed permanently. Here are the strategies I use that allow me to enjoy food, life and stay fit.

  1. I exercise regularly…except for that one week when I don’t. Weight-loss starts in the kitchen, not on the gym floor ( if you never use the kitchen, well, there is your first problem). Weight maintenance is mainly a physical endeavor. I workout consistently with a flexible routine that changes about every 2 weeks. I take a week off when I feel burnt out and instead increase my daily physical activity by a bit. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” also applies to the gym!
  2. I have a basic diet plan¬†First of all, I don’t diet: I eat well but like my gym routine, I stick to the same clean and nutrient-rich style during the week and relish my cheat day on the weekend. If I’m competing my cheat day becomes a cheat meal and as my competition grows closer that cheat meal becomes a cheat snack. This is for the same reason I like the window seat on an airplane and like to know where all the exits are: I need to know I can have some release. Willpower is elastic and most cannot stay tense all the time or a binge is sure to happen. Know thyself.
  3. I don’t own my snacks¬†Almost everyone has trigger foods. Mine are breads, cheeses ( cheese hates me but I still love it) and basically, like every human, anything sweet or crunchy. My trick is: I don’t keep those things in the house! If I want it it is for a clandestine meeting not a long-term relationship . Meaning, only buy a single serving at a time. Make your snacking an expensive habit and you will be less likely to maintain it. *Pay attention to how often you shop for these things though.
  4. I eat expensive ice-cream There is one flavor of ice-cream that I will travel blocks in the heat for and it costs $6 a cup. I don’t waste my taste-buds and calories on any other flavors and can only justify this purchase a maximum of once per month in the Summer or as a treat after a race. The same goes for all snacks. They have to be worth the effort they will take in the gym and the denial of other goodies. Prioritize your choices!
  5. I (try to) get enough sunshine, sleep and water Believe it or not all of those have an effect on your appetite. An imbalance in either will cause your satiety hormones to misfire or not at all. Think 8, 8 and 20. Eight cups of water ( 64 oz), 8 hours of sleep (okay I sometimes get 7ish), and 20 mins of early morning or late afternoon sun for vitamin D production. 
  6. I forgive myself for not being ¬†a teenager¬†Look, most of us can’t get away with eating and living the way we did as teens without repercussions. Sure, you might not gain weight but newsflash, bad health is cumulative. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, gall and kidney stones, heart issues, hormone imbalances and cancer are just some of the issues that start to rear their heads as we age. Luckily, all of those afflictions are lifestyle and diet related and so can be managed. ¬†I eat often but I eat smaller, healthier portions ( watch the salt, sugar content) ¬†and add an extra day of weight lifting to boost my muscle tone. Both of these strategies have been shown to fight off the metabolic slowdown that happens to all of us. After I do all of that, I breathe deeply and appreciate my body as it is now. It has done a lot for me and it is the only one I have. I’d hate to miss out on loving it As-Is.

High Fiber Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes: Recipe


ImageIf you know me then you know I LURVE sweet potatos. They are yummy, so portable and keep my blood sugar on par. Diabetes runs in my family so I’m all about keeping the blood sugar even. My client actually introduced me this preparation so I thought ¬†I should pass it on to you. You will need a high speed blender ( I used my ninja)


2 medium baked sweet potatos, chopped with skin left on ( I used the microwave)

2 eggs, use only 1 yolk

1.5 TBSP almond milk 

1 tbsp coconut or olive oil for skillet

Blend it all together until creamy; lightly brown on each side.

Review: This recipe is a blank canvas for you to add whatever you like as it can be made savory or sweet. I added no sweetener IN the recipe but I kinda wanted a it of honey on top. The skin adds a nice texture but be sure not to burn the potatoes or the results will taste bitter!

HIIT IT! with Stacey


Want to rev your metabolism through the roof? Pressed for time and want to see results fast? then this High Intensity Interval circuit is for you. Complete 3 rounds for a ten minute workout or 6 rounds for 20 minutes; 1 round = 3 exercises completed in 40-50 seconds with a 20 second rest between rounds. Ready, Set, GO!
Stacey Fabulous

Food, Fitness and Sunshine


ImageOh what a weekend of awesome sunshine! Granted, I now have a not so awesome sunburn but it was worth it to revel in some rays on my friend’s roof-top. So here I am in bed, gazing down at my slightly bloated belly and almost regretting the indulgences of the weekend but not quite. See, I am on a 80/20 diet and have been almost all my life: 80% healthy and good 20 % whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes what strikes my fancy is STILL healthy and good and sometimes it isn’t. I’ve experimented with beating myself up about it but that just makes me crave bad stuff and feel like crap. These days I eat for how I will feel AFTERWARDS. If I will feel super guilty it’s a no go but if I work hard for a majority of the week and indulge only 1x a week then that guilt disappears.

So last week was all about heavy lifting with low reps ¬†and only Spinning as cardio since my knee has been tricky. I noticed that I was really craving fat this weekend probably because of my workouts. This week, I’m HIIITing it hard with five 10-20 minutes of my HIIT Fusion workouts (Monday through Friday) ¬†plus my regular teaching schedule of Spinning and Shred. Add that to the 30 Day Competition my clients are on and it’s ON BABY! What is your wellness action plan for the week.