Is celebrity culture stealing FitPros’ Thunder?


Do you know who Jennifer Selter is? She of the curvaceous caboose on an unlikely frame whose instagram popularity is insane based on said backside? Yes, this Jen Selter who has also received editorial space in news-papers  based on her derriere. Can’t blame the girl for having an almost impossible silhouette and enjoying the attention that comes with it.

However, what I can take issue with is Ms. Selter giving fitness advice based solely on being 20 years young with a bubble butt that defies gravity (as it should when one is 20) and some squatting prowess. Kind of like how I don’t take diet & beauty advice from dewy, toweringly tall models barely through puberty OR from coddled celebs who have access to what I don’t.

My point is: how does idolizing anyone who has no experience with your body type and particular issues help YOU? How does merely mimicking what they do for themselves teach you anything in the long term? Finally, how does it even make sense to listen to advice from someone who doesn’t even look like the rest of the population? Take a moment to let this sink in as you flip through profiles of genetically, pharmaceutically and cosmetically boosted bodies online or elsewhere. If you’re just looking for a visual thrill, then go for it – look all you want. However, if you’re looking for real help with your fitness and health you would be better off sticking with an experienced and educated professional.

Changes have been a-foot in the quality of fitness leadership for quite some time and according to some, these changes echo those seen in the entertainment industry.  Gone are the days when personality+ Looks + education + due diligence + connections were the path to professional success in fitness coaching. Fame in modern fitness now mostly requires the first 2,  half of the 3rd with connections being replaced by: a huge social media following.

Is this new formula for fitness fame merely a sign of the times and should current fit pros simply get over it and adapt? Maybe stepping up the game in branding  would help, yes. Still, how does a reputable fitness professional compete with “genetically blessed” models and  enhanced instagram stars touting supposed secrets to their “natural” bodies. I know how: we DON’T. Instead, we stand out by being who we already are: Fitness Professionals, not merely folks simply experienced at exercising.


Workout of the Day: step ups


Step ups and box jumps are excellent ways to firm up your legs and lift your bum! You can modify the moves by removing the bench and just jumping over any small object to take it down a notch OR using a higher bench to turn it up. For both exercises your foot MUST be fully on the bench ( no heels hanging off!)

Be Well,
Stacey Grant