Hack Your Life: The Career Edition


Ack, it’s been HOW long since I’ve blogged for myself?? Jeez 😦 Sorry guys and gals I have been busy writing for other people here but haven’t had time for written content of my own. Well, if you don’t count what I post on the Facebook Fanpage every day. Ok, excuses extended, now back to regular programming. Let’s Hack Your Life, shall we?

So again: You’re entirely awesome as is s- no need to change unless you see and feel the need. Capiche?

Assess your current situation-  Are you happy? are you doing what you love or at least loving what you’re doing?  Before you answer no, you’d rather be somewhere in Italy making and selling your own ricotta consider this: work is work for a reason. It, like most relationships, will not always be sunshine and roses. It’s sometimes drudgery, sometimes frustrating and always required. However, if it is mostly  all of three of those then you have some things to think about: is it the job or is it you?

What activity would you do all day even if it was for free?  Are you the person everyone turns to when they have design and styling questions? Maybe a job in either is for you. Do you like to throw parties or give great advice? maybe you could be an event planner. Do you love languages and literature? then maybe a gig as a proofreader or translator is for you. The point is, there might be a niche you could fill that includes all of your passions. The thing is: do you REALLY want your hobby to be your job? Sometimes that isn’t a great idea. Still, research does show that doing a job you love can lead to personal contentment and earning power.

Can you afford to change jobs now? Times are tough out there on the job market so while it can be an escape to think about changing your circumstances, be realistic. Do you have enough money saved to make a full move or can you find a mentor in your to help guide you while you stay on the job? Better yet, is there another area of your current company that will fulfill the yearning you might have?

The moral of the Career story is that working is a part of maturity but there is no rule that says it has to be soul sucking to count as work. Make sure that it is a place you are at least proud to give most of your daily hours to. If not, then it’s time to consider the cost to your spirit.


The “mini work” workout


Stuck in an office for most of the day? Wish you could squeeze a few exercises into your day so that you could ease up after work? Well, yes, you can! Here are a few exercises you can do in the office that won’t necessarily make you look like a crazy person ( at least not more than usual)

  1. Butt squeezes: These are great because you don’t have to leave your chair. Simply  sit up straight and clench your buns together, hold for 20 seconds and release.  Repeat  2 sets of 20 repetitions.
  2. Wall sits: You should probably do this away from prying eyes. Find a flat wall and stand with your back against it with your feet hip width apart.  Slide down until you’re in a sitting position and your knees form a 90 degree angle. Hold that position for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 sets of 30 seconds.
  3. Wall push-ups; Stand approximately an arms length away from the same flat wall. Make sure your arms are extended in front of you chest width apart. Place your hands flat against the wall and lean forward so that you’re on your tip-toes. * Your body should be leaning diagonally towards the wall* Bend your elbows and lower your body, chest first, towards the wall until your chest is parallel with your elbows. Push the wall away from you and straighten your arms. Repeat 2 sets of 15 or 3 sets of 10.
  4. Leg lifts: Stand sideways while holding onto a  chair. Straighten your outer leg, flex your outer foot and lift your leg away from your body using your hip and glute muscles.* Make sure the foot of the lifting leg stays flexed and the toes point forward and NOT up towards the ceiling. The knee of the supporting leg should be slightly bent.  Repeat 2 sets of 15 reps on each leg.
  5. Tricep dips: Sit on the very edge of that same chair with your hands gripping the edges very close to your hips. Your knees and heels should be together in front of you. Lift your toes so that you’re on your heels. Slowly inch your hips off the chair so that you’re approximately 2 inches away from it and your elbows are bent behind you at a 90 degree angle. Lower yourself towards the ground and then straighten your elbows to bring yourself back up. Repeat 2 sets of 15 reps * The degree of difficulty increases the straighter your knees so so choose bent knees if you’re a beginner and straighter to straight legs if you need more intensity. Remember to stay on your heels with your toes up.